IMG-7778.JPGHi!  I’m Kelly!  I’m the Owner, Co- Author of our book (click on the BOOK link to learn more), and a Certified Massage Therapist at Helping Hands.

Why did I choose a career in Alternative Health Care?

I became interested in natural health at age 18, when I started having digestion issues which was the start of my journey from illness to wellness.   I overcame, what started as gut issues all naturally while working with multiple holistic therapists, and ultimately eliminated Pancreatic cancer while working with a Functional Medicine Doctor ending in 2017.  

Life as a Massage Therapist:

I went to college at CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School & Clinic in St. Louis Park, MN for my Massage Therapist training.  After graduating I acquired National Certification, which I continue to keep up with.  I’ve been a Massage Therapist for 7 amazing years, being blessed to meet people from all over the world, helping them become more healthy and whole.  “To see a person come walking in through the door prior to their appointment, sometimes stressed out and in pain, and then leave feeling relaxed and pain free… there is nothing more rewarding as a therapist to see your clients feeling genuinely well and healthy.”  The work I do is specifically for the individual client that I’m working with. Their health is my top priority!

What are my other interests?

“I love being outdoors in nature.  Water is my favorite element so if I can spend time by or in it, I’m feeling blessed.  I also enjoy gardening, kayaking, down hill skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, photography, enjoying the outdoors, quiet time for reading (and researching), relaxing, being active, going for walks, being with my fur-babies, and spending time connecting with loved ones.  I’m interested in each day for the gift it is, a wondrous gift.  A gift that I’m thankful to have.  A new day to be, do, and love for all it encompasses!”


I’m Amy!  I am so grateful to be at Helping Hands!  I’ve been the Receptionist at Helping Hands since June of 2013. My daughter, Kelly, and I co-authored a book in 2022, “Your Life Your Chose Let the Healing Begin A JOURNEY OF DIS-EASE TO EASE“.

Being a “mom” is one of my favorite things.  I was a stay-at-home mom and in-home-office manager while my husband, Darren, being self-employed running a window cleaning business was mostly in the metropolitan area working.  Raising our kids during the 90’s into the 2000’s was really a wonderful season of our lives.  We have been married for 30-plus years.  Though we are not retired, we have gotten out of the window cleaning business while transitioning into a new business, “DNA Guide Service”, duck hunting as our specialty.  Life is rarely DULL!

What are my interests?  

“I very much enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  Making new friends is always a joy, too!  I find peace in enriching conversations, laughter, creating, listening to music, and also being in silence.  I also enjoy the 4 R’s; Reading, Researching, Rock hounding (for agates), and Refurbishing old, worn out items for decorating our home or giving as gifts!”

“I also really like to garden, growing both vegetables and fruits, and flowers.  Growing our vegetables has been a gift my husband and I passed on to our children when they were very small.  Our children were self-employed at a young age, growing and selling garden vegetables!  Today, we see the gift of gardening, and self-employment, instilled firmly in their lives as adults.  I certainly enjoyed seeding their good health choices…and growing entrepreneurships.  Makes a mom’s heart happy!”

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