I met Amy 7 years ago when we first moved to Ortonville, MN.  My husband purchased a gift certificate for a massage with Kelly at Helping Hands.  I went in for my massage, not knowing the significance of the relationship that had just begun in that moment.  Not only has Amy been a wonderful friend, but she has been a support in my growth emotionally, spiritually, and nutritionally.

I have learned so much about how I have the power to take my health into my own hands, listen to my body, and learn what is best for ME as a unique being.  Amy has continually showed up for me in ways where she has understood my challenges, empathized with my struggles, and celebrated my wins with me!  Even though my family has moved to Florida, I still know that there is healthful love and support from Amy, and that she always has my back.

-Naomi Shanti Ballard

“What driven and compassionate gals!!  Amy and Kelly have experienced many ups and downs with their own personal health over the years.  However, their commitment to overcome these obstacles has been nothing short of amazing!  They have continuously pursued wellness and health knowledge in a hands-on manner that is truly admirable! They have explored many different avenues over the years and have now gained qualifications to be life and health coaches!  Their ability to connect on a one-to-one basis is truly unique and will make a difference in the lives of many!  Don’t we all want  people in our lives who are willing to support us on “The Road to Wellness”?  Kelly and Amy will do just that because not only do they have the knowledge and training to talk the talk but they have both walked the walk!”

– Julie Danielson, Registered Dietitian

Kelly has worked wonders for my overall well-being through the years she has been my massage therapist.  I came to her with a lot of stress on my body from years of abuse from being a mom, previous careers, and wear and tear as a full-time artist.  Through therapeutic massage and guiding me in self-care techniques that I can do at home, I am no longer in daily pain. 

Kelly always listens and truly hears me.  She can intuitively sense what my body needs. Each massage has been extremely therapeutic and healing (in body and soul).  Her massage techniques are meticulously thought out, purposeful, and used with specific intention on each client.  I appreciate all that she has taught me in health and self-care, she has been more than just my massage therapist, but a dear friend.

-Naomi Shanti Ballard



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