The word is officially out! We are about to launch our book, “Your Life Your Choice Let the Healing Begin A JOURNEY OF DIS-EASE TO EASE Healing Holistically of Pancreatic Cancer”, and we’d love for you to tell your family and friends about it! Preorder by clicking on the link below.

We have recently published a 400-plus page book titled, “Your Life Your Choice Let the Healing Begin A JOURNEY OF DIS-EASE TO EASE Healing Holistically of Pancreatic Cancer”!  With our combined efforts, we are so excited to finally get Kelly’s story published for anyone living just about anywhere to read! Now you can find Kelly’s healing journey in both soft cover and E-book! The E-book was released on July 21, 2022 and can be found online at various distributors. See the list of distributors below.

Our book is Kelly’s seven-year digestive health journey from 2010-2017 which includes detailed descriptions of her illness while pressing in on revealing the source of her daily pain–pancreatic cancer– stories of daily life, of growing up, conversations with various health-care providers, family, friends, including her “Papa God”, her journal entries and prayers, stories of her faithful pets, some great health tips, and so much more!  What an accomplishment to not only have Kelly’s health back and improved 10-fold, but to put her story into a book to share with anyone interested in reading it!  Which brings us to our next point of contact!

Starting September 1, 2022, we will be making time available in our schedules through the remainder of the year through all of 2023 for book speaking engagements with groups being social, specialized, business, non-profit, holistic healthcare, and church groups.  We would be thankful to have an opportunity to visit you in any of these or other settings within our home-state of Minnesota and beyond if feasible.  Since we have no set speaking fee at this time, we would ask for either a freewill donation be made during our time with any group, or a one-time “gift” offering to hopefully cover expenses to, while, and from any engagement for two travelers!  We present this so you know our present stand on “speaking fees” as of August of 2022.

FYI:  A speaking engagement takes approximately 40-45 minutes.  We briefly introduce ourselves and take 12-15 minutes of reading from inside our book, all before a “Question & Answer” session which would take the rest of the time allowed.  Before and after the read and discussion we’d ask to have a table provided for book sales, which we, ourselves, would attend to.  Signing of books could take place at both of these times as well, before and after.  If need be, we have a professional and trustworthy sound system if your group does not have access to one.  Ours can accommodate multiple mics, is pitch-perfect for a clear sound to small and large groups, AND it is easy to pack-n-go–taking less than 5-minutes to set-up, test, and we’re ON!  Inquire for this addition if needed.   

Does this sound simple?  We think so!  And hey, Kelly has a compelling—not to be resisted, overwhelming–story to tell inside of the book!  We would be grateful for any opportunity to come and share our book with you, your clients, acquaintances, organization, family, and friends!  If there is an interest in having us visit you, we would love to talk with you or to whom would be in charge of organizing it.  Please go to the “Contact” tab here on the website and leave your name, contact information, and a written message or request.  

Are you curious to read and seed with us?  We really hope so!  We truly look forward to hearing from you, so please don’t hesitate to reach back to us with questions and inquire about a speaking engagement in your area of this great big dynamic world!   Please share this NEWSLETTER with anyone you think may have an interest!  THANKS SO MUCH! 

Thank you for any and all interests in our book and considering us coming to your area with a book speaking engagement!  To purchase the book online see the various distributors below. To learn more about us and what we do, click “MEET OUR TEAM” tab.  Scroll to read our health testimonies of why we do what we do.  Also, click on the “Blog” tab to check out our recent blogs! 

You can now order the soft cover book! We encourage anyone interested in reading our book to order it at these sites:




Barnes & Noble

Powell’s Books


So you see, there are many avenues to order our book for yourself or someone you know who may want to read Kelly’s personal health story of healing holistically of pancreatic cancer.

If you would, please share our post on your social media sites to help us get the word out! We really appreciate it!

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