~ Creating You ~

While walking through the grocery store, the mall, a fair, at a concert, or any place where there are a number of people, do you find yourself watching others?  You know, the proverbial “people watcher”?

People watching is something that humans gravitate towards.  Why?  Because we are relational.  Humans were designed to be in relationship with others.  That being said, these people that we are “watching” can be found in our local community, our group of friends, or within our everyday acquaintances.  The people we watch, listen to, and are curious about are the people that are living their life, creating their own person.

The people we watch, listen to, and are curious about are the people that are living their life and being their own person.

Creating our own person is like taking a box of coloring crayons and trying to figure out which color would look the best at the given moment you are coloring that particular picture.  It’s hard to know which color is the “right fit” for the present moment. Tomorrow’s color choice might be a different right fit for the new day.

The same statement can be true for us as a society.  We were never meant to “fit into” a society.  We were meant to fit into our own person.  As we sit and watch people come and go while we are shopping, playing, doing business, attending meetings, going to appointments, etc. it can be easy to think that we were meant to fit into the culture and society surrounding us.  The problem with fitting into a society is that it is impossible.


We were never meant to fit into a society. We were meant to fit into our own person.

No matter an individuals attempts to fit in, no matter how hard a person pursues being just like _______ (fill in the blank), it is impossible.


Despite where we stand in our core beliefs, of how we were brought into this world, I personally believe I was created by God.  If you don’t agree that’s okay.  I’m not here to convince you one way or another.  When we were woven in our mother’s womb, we were being created with a unique DNA that no other individual in this world can replicate.  Both our finger and foot prints are one-of-a-kind.  No one can replicate them! How cool is that?

Being our own unique human being means that no matter how hard an individual may try to fit into society, it is not going to happen, it’s impossible.  What if, instead, we tried to fit into our own person… the person we were meant to be?

Telling a person to fit into a society is impossible. It's like telling a person to go find someone with the same DNA. It's impossible.-2

Enough of the impossibilities already!  Let’s talk about the possibilities!

Have you ever looked back at your baby pictures?  Have you recently looked in the mirror at yourself?  Have you pondered how you’ve changed and transformed through babyhood to the here and now in between the days/months/years/decades?  Have you thought about how you’ve become the person that you are today?

Society is something that we will never escape from.  But what if by entering into our society, we entered in as the beautiful individual that we are, that we were created to be? What if we didn’t try to “fit in”, but instead fit into our own person and let society, and other individuals embrace us as we are?

There’s no “one size fits all”.  There’s no “right way” to live life.  We are each unique, with special DNA and genetics that only YOU carry into and out of this world.  Seriously! Every single person on this earth is special… unique.  There’s no exceptions.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fit into society and be someone I’m not.  I want to be me, and with all my heart I want you to be YOU!  It is possible to fit into our own person.  For some people it may be a bit more of a learning and embracing process because maybe they’ve tried to become “just like ____”.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are at in finding out who you are as an individual, the process never ends, except when we pass from this earth.  This means we have a lifetime to continue to fit into ourselves.  We have a lifetime to learn, change, transform and become our own unique person.  Who’s IN?

When each of us leave this earth we take our DNA, genetics, and finger and footprints with us.  That’s our legacy that only WE can create!  We get to share who we are with the world from the day we are born to the day we die.  We get to share our own unique lives with others; our personal stories, our experiences, things we’ve learned, share thoughts, ideas, life lessons and so much more!

Remember how I started the blog saying, “We were designed to be in relationship with other people?”  Well it’s time to let YOUR own uniqueness be what you get to share with every single person on this earth.  Share YOU, the beautiful person that you are!  Don’t try to be ____, or anyone else!

As we part ways on this amazing day that we will never get back to “do over” again, I want you to remember, “you hold a unique place in this world that only you can fill!”  Take out your box of crayons and create you each and every day.  Let this be the creation of your lifetime; a beautiful journey of creating the colorful you that you were designed to be!

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