Picking up from the last blog (SURPRISE!)… today’s a new morning for another adventure!

Goofy and I went out for our morning adventure, and of course she checked where the kittens had resided the day before.  No kittens.  No sign of the third one that had escaped. But, we knew it was somewhere in the area near our vegetable garden, because my brother and I saw it up there the evening before.  We’d set an empty pet carrier with fresh water and soft “kitten” food inside of the carrier, if the kitten chose to have some dinner!  We hoped we could gain it’s trust, and then capture it.

Goofy and I finished our morning adventure while moseying back to the house.  She laid in her foxy-boxy (AKA, a good ole conventional cardboard box) and I proceeded to start making smoothies for my Mom and I in the kitchen.  Not even 10 minutes later, as I’d sat down to drink the smoothie and my morning bone broth, my phone rang.  I answered it, knowing the caller was my renter in town who is also a pet enthusiast, “Hey! What’s up?” Having just corresponded with her only 5 minutes earlier, I was slightly curious as to what was going on.

“Kelly, I have a really random question for you.”  She hesitated.

“Okay… shoot!”  I said open minded.

“Do you happen to have a cat carrier?”  She inquired.  I chuckled and explained “I’m not laughing at you for asking.  There’s a reason I’m chuckling but I’ll explain that after.  Yes, I have a cat carrier.  Why?”

“Well, we have to two kittens out in the rock-retaining wall here!” she shared.  I literally couldn’t contain my laughter, as it spilled out.  Since she was on speaker phone, and my Mom was right there, we were both curious and entertaining what would come out of this situation.

“I’m sorry!”  I stated.  “It’s just that my cat, Goofy, found a few kittens in my brother’s rock-retaining wall yesterday… and now you’re telling me we have two more there!”

“Oh?” She stated.  “Well, these two were running and playing earlier, and now they are asleep.  If you have a cat carrier we could catch them so that they don’t run across the busy highway.”

“I can be there in 25 minutes.”  It was settled.  I grabbed the pet carrier, a can of soft kitten food to coax the kittens if need be, and some clothes to change into for work, then ran out the door.

I arrived to my business, the shop, in town.  Soon enough, with carrier in hand, a trio of us women started walking towards the two black and white sleeping kittens.  I set down the carrier while one gal walked quietly towards the sleeping kittens.  The kittens ended woke up before we could catch them.  BUMMER!  The two were on the run for the next 15 minutes with the three of us, playing “Catch me if you can”.  Those kittens darted around like shot-off un-aimed bullets, fast, furious, but aimless!  I ended up sneaking up on one from the backside, reaching under the thorny bush just in time to snag the cute little girl, later named Chloe.

I held her close.  There wasn’t a chance for escape.  The highway was right behind us, cars driving by quickly.  One kitten caught.  One to go!  We put Chloe safely in the carrier with a can of food, hoping she would eat despite her being super scared from all the noise and activity going on around her.

Back to pursuing the other kitten.  It was having nothing to do with being caught by us. No matter what we tried it would run and hide.  Finally, it took off across the highway much to every ones horror.  Thankfully people slowed down as they saw the kitten dart into traffic.  I ran after it, dressed in my well worn shorts I’ve had since 7th grade, and a sweatshirt to avoid getting pricked by the thorny bushes.  The other gals followed, and together we tried to corner the kitten.  Again, it ran… and back across the highway it went.  Thankfully no traffic this time!  Back towards safety and it’s friend, I thought.

So back across the road we all went too.  Then one of the women said, “I wish we had a net!”  My renter and my eyes both lit up like Christmas trees!  We DID have one of those! “We have one of those, Kel!” My renter said enthusiastically.

“Yes, we do!  I’ll run and grab!”  I got my keys, headed to the storage space to grab the net.  Net in hand, I returned.  We felt better equipped to now catch this fast little kitten!  Crawling under trees, through the day lilies and thorny bushes it went.  We tried to corner it.  We almost had it cornered before it went in a direction that changed everything… Off again it ran straight across the highway.  I was in hot pursuit with net in hand.  Sweat dripping down my forehead and elsewhere out in the smeltering July heat, I wasn’t going to lose sight of this kitten.  The traffic was far enough away.  I could cross the highway in the nick of time.  So I did.  Guess my morning interval training sessions out with Goofy came in handy!

Across the highway it ran into weeds that were well over my head.  I, being raised to hunt, watched for the weeds moving, then saw them move!  I followed and tried to net the kitten.  The weeds were too tall. I couldn’t get the net to comedown over it.  It ran and so did I, still in hot pursuit of it.  I continued to watch the weeds and tried again to net it.  It escaped again, due to the weeds being to tall and mounded.  At this point was when I no longer was able to see where the kitten had gone.  I stood still, waiting for the weeds to move.  By this time one of the other women was standing on the outskirts of the weeds.  “Do you see it?”  she asked.

“No.  I lost it somewhere in the weeds.  The weeds were too tall for the net.” I sighed, while standing in my old shorts and sweatshirt.  I started walking again through the tall weeds.

The woman called out, “I sure hope there isn’t poison ivy in there.”  Me too, I thought.  We came up empty handed.  It was then that I looked at my phone and realized I needed to get back to the shop for work.  Our search had ended for me, and the kitten was probably getting a much needed breather from being chased.

Together, the woman and I headed across the highway to the parking lot where we all gathered.  We were thankful for having caught one of the kittens.  Chloe sat in the carrier.  We hoped her sibling would come back so that we could catch and re-unite the two.

As it turned out, there were many people that went searching for the little kitten that day.  People from our local community volunteered after hearing of the caught kitten and the one still on the run in the tall weeds.  Some of those people heard the kitten meowing throughout the day, but no one was able to catch it.  Cat carriers with food were put out in hopes that the kitten would both eat and lay down for a nap.  Maybe someone’s timing would be impeccable, and they’d check the carriers only to find the kitten curled up in a little ball with a full belly taking a “cat-nap” on a towel laid for bedding!  We all hoped for the best.  It was Friday night, 8:30 pm, when I left work that night.  I’d checked the carriers before driving home.  No kitten.

Back at home Chloe had gotten a bath, just as Felix and Little Bear had.  Chloe was getting dried with a towel, and was put in with her new friends to have some belly filling food… as shown below.


Belly full,  sleepy Chloe was ready to snuggle with her new friends.  And so it was to be.  3 little kitten friends; Chloe, Felix and Little Bear…



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