The Gift of Redemption

In this months blogs we’ve been focusing on “Gifts”.

In a recent blog post written by my Mom (Another Gift), you may have read about one of my fur babies, Goofy.  If you haven’t already read Mom’s post, I ask that you read it before reading this post.  Please and thank you, as it will make a LOT more sense having read Mom’s blog prior to this one 🙂

Goofy.  Where do I start, really?  Amazing, just like Mom said, she’s totally amazing. Why?  Let’s take a little walk down memory lane!

I remember when Goofy came to our family as just a small little bundle of virtually all fur, having no extra weight on her.  I was just entering my teenage years back then.  She was cold, crying out with “meows” (well not really “meows”, as she wasn’t and still isn’t much for meowing) billowing through the cool December days brewing the winter of 2002-2003 season.  The outcome… she was brought in to the heated attached garage, given some tasty cat food, then later a warm cleansing bath, and lastly our fur-baby loving family to live with and care for her.  And that, my friends, is how Goofy first came to our family.  Goofy, simply amazing she is.  She was a Christmas gift to us, a lovely addition to our family of fur-balls!  

Many people would say that Goofy and I have a special bond.  Truth be told, they’re right!  My girl loves to ride on my shoulder and/or back indoors and out.  She goes for rides on my pedal bike too, either riding on my back or in her basket (located in front of the handle bars).  She most often chooses to perch on my back, on a shoulder, as the sights are the best up there, all while having the wind blowing through her lengthy calico mane.  It is an exquisite experience, a sight to behold!

But what about behind the scenes in our everyday life?  Well, Goofy sits next to me on my chair while I eat, POLITELY mind you, hoping for some nibbles of whatever I’m eating.  And yes, my girl loves to eat REAL whole foods.  My girl has a personality that is uniquely hers.  She’s full of spunk, energy, zest, character, and loving devotion toward her people.

Some people walk their dog.  I walk my cat.  Yes, seriously.  Goofy begs to go on walks and adventures, everyday.   Each morning, up until more recently with her having had surgery, we are out frolicking through the neighborhood. Goofy climbing up trees in the yard to check bird houses, seeing if locals want to come out and play a game of “catch me if you can”.   As we make our way around the yard she knows and checks on ALL the holes that might have “creatures” intruding in our lawn, the yard being her territory.

Goofy has two little sisters (Chloe and Little Bear), whom we call “The Cubs” for short, who love watching her in her queen-hood elegance.  As the cubs say, “She is a queen!  The queen reigns!” while Goofy sports by them in her queen-dom-hood-ness!  Goofy is of age to be a queen.  She recently turned 16 years old. 

This past spring Goofy was given a vaccine for Leukemia.  Within 2-3 days of the shot being given she had a lump form behind her shoulder at the vaccine injection site.  It didn’t grow anymore until late this summer, and more recently in weeks past it was surgically removed.

After finishing watching “The Truth About PET Cancer” in the past days now, and while I was just bringing Goofy to the vet office to have her sutures removed (from the mass of tissue removal surgery), before leaving the house for that appointment I grabbed my phone and turned on the “Spotify” app so that she/we could listen to some calming pet therapy music on our drive.  Finding music that was right for my girl, we listened quietly on our way there.

Did you know that pets like music at the frequency of 396 HZ?  It’s true.  It has a calming effect on them, and it’s emotionally healing for them as well.  Goofy, whom doesn’t like going to the vet (and she knows when she is going there), with the help of the music at that frequency, did WAY better than she normally does during travels (there AND back).

After getting the sutures removed, which was a quick process much to my delight, we stopped at the front desk to hand over paperwork.  The “Agreement for Payment” paperwork I was to hand-in was not signed by me.  (Again, consult Mom’s blog for more details). Theses were the papers from the Drug Company that made the specific vaccination Goofy had last spring, the “Agreement” stating that I would be reimbursed for the surgical fee, etc. but only if I was to not reveal what happened to Goofy from being given a Feline Leukemia shot.

Let me first say, “I love our Vet!”  Our Vet is NOT to blame for this matter at all.  Our Vet is, honestly, sick about what happened to our cat.  I then told them at the Vet Clinic about my personal health journey of sickness/cancer, explaining WHY I would not sign the Agreement papers and stay “silent”.  I was understood and accepted with affirming words, “Good for you, Kelly.”

A little surprised, I smiled and said, “Thank you”, then explained what I have planned to help enrich whatever time of Goofy’s life is going to be, to aid in healing her of the mother cancer cells that still reside inside of her at this time.

After I was done sharing, again I was affirmed again, “Good for you!  I wish you and Goofy all the best!”

As I’ve said, I most recently spent last weekend watching “The Truth About PET Cancer”. If you know me at all, you know that I love learning and researching about natural health and healing modalities.  Today, I wrapped up watching the series with 10 pages of notes (front and back).  As I watched, listened, heard, and chewed on the information that was shared, I’d walked away from each episode with more knowledge, vital information about herbs, foods, medicinal plants, homeopathy, supplements, oils, etc. to integrate into my girls’ daily regimen in the present… and for her future.

Goofy, my girl, my sidekick who’s always willing to go on an adventure, she relies on me to feed her, protect her and look out for her.  She’s like a child to me in all those ways. And here I am, now loaded with a variety of helpful means to improve her life!

Before we rode home from the vet clinic after getting Goofy’s sutures removed, I let her out of her carrier so she could sit on my lap or roam wherever she pleased.  I smiled as she loving talked to me, excited to be on the road headed home.  We also listened to our healing therapy music.  (The WholeTones Pet Music is exquisite!)

As we arrived back home, I fixed her and the cubs some supper.  It consisted of Chicken, Beef, Turmeric, Vitamin C, Broccoli Sprouts and a dab of Ghee.  Food is medicine.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my health journey, it’s that food IS medicine.  So, each and everyday as my 3 girls look up to me for their meals, I’m going to give them foods, herbs, minerals, fats, etc. to help them become and stay more healthy.  They already eat well, truly, but it can be better… a more nutrient enhanced level.

Tonight, I’ve ordered a number of healing agents that are supposed to aid in supporting, detoxify, and enhance Goofy’s life (and the Cubs too)!  Each meal = food as medicine.  But can we do things from an external healing aspect instead of JUST internal, you wonder? You betcha!  (Yes, we’re keeping it Minnesotan with that one!)  Essential oils; diffusing them into the air is healthy and healing.  Not only diffusing, but topically applying those are also great, but NOT all oils are to be applied topically!

Goofy is currently getting a mixture of Frankincense and Myhhr (mixed into a carrier oil, coconut oil) put on her scar.  This combination heals wounds, cancer, and in is an “anti” (virtually) everything.  Cats’ skin is extremely sensitive, so diluting the oils with a carrier oil is a MUST!

Here’s a picture of the scar before any application of the Coconut Oil and Essential Oil combo:IMG-8613

Here’s a picture after the 1st application.  Can you see the difference?  It’s starting to smooth itself out already!):


Part of the excess incision fell off by itself before applying the 2nd application.

After the 2nd application (Picture below). As you can see, the scar is completely smooth after just 2 applications, AMAZING!


After application #3 below.  The scar is closed up and healing WONDERFULLY!  This Essential Oil and Coconut Oil mixture has made her surgery scar heal quickly!  I’m pretty happy about that!


And the most recent pictured below, after application #5.  This combo works AMAZING!


In Mom’s last blog post, Goofy asked the readers, “What choice are you going to make?” We each get to choose how we care for our loved ones, each day.  Today and everyday, I choose to make choices that are right for my girls, choices that are going to enhance, support, and promote optimal health.  

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know this; my girls depend on me for their life continuing.  I’m going to do my ultimate best to ensure that what is being put into them is life enhancing, rather than detrimental life altering.

Some of you may be wondering “What natural health “goodies” did you get from all those pages of notes, or are using to help Goofy”?  Good question!  This week I ordered a number of things including:

  • Thymus Extract-  According to Dr. PJ Broadfoot, DVM, “Thymus is the linchpin of the Immune System!”  This extract directly effects the cancer stem cells, to kill them and it also aids in the detoxification of the toxic cells.  Pretty phenomenal!
  • Probiotics-  Cats (and dogs) should ALL be having probiotics in their diet, regularly!  My girls get them daily and WANT them, gobbling them right up!
  • Turmeric-  Anti-Inflammatory, Cancer killing, and literally Anti-everything you can think of.
  • Essential Oils-  Based upon the pictures above, that’s the main way Goofy is getting oils right now.  The Frankincense effects cancer by killing it, as well as is a healing oil for wounds/scars, and so much more.  All the girls smell essential oils diffusing regularly in our home.  (Caution-cats and dogs both have specific oils that should be avoided.  (Cats: All Citrus oils and Bergamot.  Dogs: Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Camphor, Birch.))
  • Vitamin D-  Just like in humans, animals need Vitamin D. If they aren’t eating a nutrient dense, variety filled diet, animals can lack in getting enough Vitamin D, especially if they are indoors most of the time. Supplementing it in (in liquid form) is often the most accepted way for them to take it.
  • Omega Fish Oils (Containing EPA and DHA)-  These are ESSENTIAL musts to our pets’ overall health!  And guess what?  These, too, effect cancer directly, starving out the energy of cancer cells!
  • Vitamin C-  Cats typically make enough Vitamin C by transforming Glucose into Vitamin C.  However, when a cat is ill, or stressed out, supplementing it in can be helpful and healing.
  • Other Superfoods-  Flax Seed (should be in both dog and cats daily consumption), Coconut Oil (good for both cats and dogs), Veggies (a variety is GREAT.  Typically cats need more protein than veggies so finding the right balance is important.  Dogs don’t need as much protein, so they can consume more veggies than cats.).
  • Gut Healers-  Bone Broth (mixing spoonfuls right into an animals food can help to heal “Leaky Gut”and aid in better digestion.   RESTORE (a gut healing product is also something that they can have, a few drops mixed into their food).
  • Iodine-  Did you know that iodine helps improve animals teeth, gums, and bad breath?  Supplementing a little into their diet can do wonders!

Okay, so that’s a LOT of helpful information, right?  I know.  But guess what?  A little goes a LONG way and I don’t utilize every single one of these healers everyday.  I mix it up for the girls.  They have their favorites, and their least favorites, but each gets utilized. Goofy and the Cubs are healing from the inside out.  And that, my friends, is a choice that I want to make that is serving my girls’ health to their fullest so they can live quality, health filled, happy lives.

Through the years of my post-teen health journey, I’ve learned a lot.  Learning hasn’t stopped, obviously.  It never should.  It’s a bummer that it took until this point in time for me to learn the things that I am now learning about my pets’ care, but it’s better late than never.

We have a choice to have a positive impact. “What choice will you make?” says Goofy.

The Cubs wag their tails in anticipation as they see probiotics being put in their food as Goofy looks on, also in anticipation.  The girls have been delighted about the recent health choices I’ve been changing up for them!

Together, all three are now asking you the reader, “What choice will you make for your pets overall health and well being?”

Until next time.

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