Let’s Dance!

You know your life song!  It’s time to dance your greatest dance!

When looking at our lives, it’s pretty amazing to look at how they’re one continuous dance with an ever-changing beat.

When I was a small child, my Dad and I “danced” together.  T’was the season of Christmas time, music booming filling the living room, as our family decorated the Christmas tree!  Our favorite tunes were playing.  Inevitably, some of us would start dancing, my Dad and I being those two.  Dad would stick out each of his pointer fingers, poking into the air in front of him.  He’d point at me and I would burst into giggles as at the same time he’d stick his rear end out the other direction and move his hips.  I’d giggle and he’d point at me… and then I’d join in the dance!

That, my friends, is how I learned to dance.  HA!  And it’s as close to dancing as I was going to get until 9th grade gym class.  It was the winter season during our Phy. Ed. class, so we were contained to indoor activities in the gymnasium.  As I sat on the gym floor with my peers, our Phy. Ed. teacher announced, ” We were going to start a dance unit.”

For the record, I LOVED gym class, until I heard that last fact coming from our teacher.  I have no doubt the expression on my face was one of pure mortification.  Oh, for JOY!  

I knew “dancing with my Dad” as a young child was not the kind of dancing we would be doing.  I’d taken no dance lessons, hadn’t gone to middle or high school dances, and honestly… I had no interest in learning how to “dance”.  But as I sat on that gym floor, my peers and I were about to have (for most of us) our first dance lessons for an entire unit of weekly classes.  Let’s just sum up that unit as, “I learned an ample amount of dances that my feet/body followed instruction on without my ‘letting loose’.”  Most of these dances, I do not remember to this day.

It’s been a long time since I “danced” with my Dad, or sat in gym class learning how to dance with my classmates.  But today, I’m still dancing, but in an entirely different way, as perhaps you realize you are too!

Meaning… our life is dance.  One long, never ending, dance to the songs of life happening, songs that we dance to each and everyday.  One long never ending melody, that changes as the seasons of our lives do.  Our life IS a dance because it starts the day we are born and stops only when we pass away.  The in-between is the song/melodies that are constantly changing; tempos, beats, and rhythms.  The author of how you dance (YOU) is the main character of your songs, but others in our lives can certainly make an impact in our songs.  And the songs?

The songs are what we get to choose to dance to!  Like I’d said above, the song is a constantly changing melody.  Sometimes we may sway to the music.  Sometimes we may do a little two-step.  At times, the beat gets quick and upbeat, like we are doing a polka or an Irish jig.  And yet at other times, we do a fox-trot… or let’s get real, we do the “Cotton – Eye Joe”!

The point is, it doesn’t matter the way in which we dance, it just matter that we are dancing to our own life songs… that we dance to our songs, the music we are making.

Your and my life song and dance doesn’t look or sound the same.  Maybe at times it does, and maybe our life dances have crossed paths at times.  But today, here on the Blog, our life dances have crossed paths, and they have for a reason!

Let’s each ask our selves a few questions.  What is our life song sounding like today?  Who’s dancing with us?  Are we dancing alone?  What’s the atmosphere like?

As we get out of bed each day our dancing shoes don’t look the same.  Some days we are going to slide our feet into our flats.  Other days we’ll lace up our good ole’ reliable sneakers, and another day we may feel like wearing a pair of dress shoes or heels.  And those days when we feel like taking it easy, we’ll glide right into our slippers as we get out of bed.

Today, as we each dance to our life’s songs, I hope we each ponder our life dance.  From the shoes we slip onto our feet as we hit the floor in the morning, to the variations of the melodies playing each and every day in our lives.  Our life song is playing now.  Our time is “here and now” to dance to!

Remember, our song is always changing.  So, when and if our slippers go flying off, exposing our bare feet, we’ll know the song has changed it’s tune and it may be time for a polka!

As we each go forth in this day, I encourage you to listen to your life song.  Listen to the music.  Watch yourself dance, in the way that you live your life.  Be still, and maybe, just maybe, start to point those fingers out to another and shake your booty! 😉

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  1. Kelly, I remember that, a long time ago, made me smile. Thanks for sharing. Love you Dad

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