Coronavirus Pandemic

The fear is spreading in people.  The Coronavirus is now world wide, making it a pandemic.  And we the people are left wondering, “What IS this virus?  WHY is this happening?  WHAT can I do to help myself and my loved ones?”

Being one individual in the community that I live in, that is in the Natural Health Profession, everyday- countless times I get asked, “Kelly, what is this Coronavirus?  What prevents or stops it from spreading?  What should I be doing to help myself?”

Today I want to take some time to talk with you, educating or sharing knowledge about this virus that is effecting people, communities, businesses, and the economy.  Knowledge is power, and today I want to empower YOU with some of the top science revealed in the Natural Heath world about the Coronavirus.

Being connected to and friends with some of the top Natural Health Professionals in both the US and the world, I feel pretty blessed as a young person to be in on the continuous information that is talked about on this virus.  This being said, let’s jump into today’s blog.

The Coronavirus.  It’s here, it’s there, it’s now virtually everywhere.  Are you fearful?  I surely hope not.  Why?  Because fear itself compromises our Immune System.  Living in a state of fear for any great length of time steadily degrades our Immune System.  So please, try NOT to live in fear!  Fear has the ability to grab hold of us, but let’s instead grab hold of that fear and say, “You have NO place here!”  Seriously, if you’re battling fear give it a try.  

Fear effects our Immune System and the Immune System is the BIGGEST line of defense against any foreign invader attacking us inside our body.  This is a battle raging that we don’t necessarily see with the physical eye, but eventually symptoms arise and that’s when we take notice.  Symptoms are our bodies way of understanding WHAT is happening in our body, in our ecosystem.  As we listen, feel, and experience symptoms we begin to understand what is happening and start to brain storm what course of action to take.  Do we stay home?  Do we go out in public and share our germs?  Do we blow our nose and not wash our hands?  Do we end up vomiting and then think since I feel better I can go to work today?  Do you get the point?  I think you do because you’re a pretty smart person 😉

Our Immune System is a pretty fantastic system, truly.  But our Immune System DOES get weaker through the years, especially if we aren’t supporting it.  To support a well functioning Immune System there are countless things a person can do.  Today what I want to share with you a few supplements for you and your loved ones to take to help support your Immune System, to ward off this virus from compromising your health in ANY WAY.  And, to help prevent the virus from continuing to spread at the rate it is.  Let’s start with ourselves, and if you so choose to, let’s create a pandemic of HEALTH in our Immune Systems so that we can fight this virus as individuals, communities, and nations. Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  I think knows a better time than ever to do so.  Don’t you?  

What supplements can help boost our Immune System function and aid in preventing this virus?  Oh, and before I forget.  YES, we have these supplements available here at Helping Hands for you to purchase if you wish.  We truly care about your health and that’s why we are keeping extra supplements on hand for individuals to purchase. 

  • Vitamin C:  Taking 3000mg of this daily.  People can think or say, “I drink Orange Juice so I’m good there.”  That’s not going to do it, my friends.  Orange Juice actually has very little Vitamin C in it, believe it or not.  Taking a nutrient dense supplement of Vitamin C will cover you though!
  • Vitamin D3 (with K2):  Taking 2000iu of D3 (you can start off higher if you are deficient).  Paired with K2, this supplement is the KEY for defending from flu “stuff”.  
  • Magnesium:  Truth be told, we live in a day an age that Magnesium is a vitally deficient mineral in a large majority of us.  Taking about 400mg is ideal, but once again if you are deficient in it, you can take a higher dosage.  

There are a few other supplements that are very helpful (Selenium, Red Marine Algae, Iodine, Zinc) but we wanted to share the common ones that you may already have in your home.  If you don’t have these already, we encourage you to get some and start building your Immune System to protect both yourself and others.  Eating more antioxidant rich foods (berries and dark green veggies/greens) is helpful as well.  You could also take a probiotic!  Look for those that have Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in them.  The higher the billions of bacteria the better!  Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated is always important, any day, not only on massage days!  Also, wash your hands often!  And for those that like to use Essential Oils, we have some more information to share… and yes, we also have Essential Oils for sale here as well.  

What Essential Oils to use right now to stop the spread of bad pathogens/viruses and stay healthy?  

  • Thieves:  Nicknamed “Immune System Wonder Worker” by may people.  Apply this topically to the bottom of your feet before bed.  With all topical applications it’s best to utilize a carrier oil with the Essential oil to promote better results!  One can also apply Thieves oil on the bottom of feet in the morning before you put your socks on.  Diffusing Thieves in an Aroma Diffuser in your home or work place is also beneficial.
  • Purification:   Diffusing is mostly used for this particular oil, but you can apply it topically as well.  Apply topically to the bottom of feet or on your chest, with a carrier oil such as Coconut Oil or Olive oil. 
  • RC:  For any kind of chest congestion or signs of colds/respiratory, RC is great help to break up congestion and is a good preventative.  Add some RC to an Epsom Salt bath.  Relax, and decongest.
  • Eucalyptus:  Helps ward off winter “yuckies”.  Especially helpful for the Respiratory System and eases tension in the chest when applied topically to the area.
  • Thieves Household Cleaner:  The name explains it all.  Utilize as a cleaner in your household.  It’s safe and non-toxic, yet kills bacteria in your home or workplace that are UNWANTED.  
  • Thieves Hand Sanitizer:  Can’t go wrong with an extra bottle of Hand Sanitizer around. 

Here at Helping Hands, we utilize many of these just mentioned oils and take the supplements daily as well.  It’s a protocol that is VITALLY important to us as we want to ensure good health for both ourselves and our clients ALL year long.  We share this information because your health matters to us.  You matter to us.  We want the best for you in health.  Please boost your Immune System by taking all or some of the supplements mentioned above.  And don’t let fear take hold of you!    

We hope this blog has been insightful, has decreased some fear or anxiety, and has encouraged you that there ARE preventative measures that YOU can take to help ensure good health.  Thank for your time, as always.  We’ll connect with you again soon! 


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