Wake Up America

A once booming economy is now in a recession, on the verge of a depression.  People are breaking into businesses and homes for food, goods, and money.  Fights are breaking out and people are getting injured as a by-product of it.  People are depressed and anxious about their current state of affairs, not to mention their thinking about what the future may hold.  People are willing to grasp on to what they are being told and deeming the words spoken as truth.  Fear is filling inside of people and starting to pour out in words, choices, and actions.  But there IS hope amongst a raging storm.  But where?  In a COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccines.  On social media we see friends posting “you anti-vaccine people, are you happy now?  See what the world is without a vaccine for COVID-19!”  When I see this I shake my head with sadness.  Why?  Because MOST people really have no idea what they are really saying, believing, and sharing.  Meaning, the truth behind vaccines.

First off, before I go any further, know that not ALL vaccines are necessarily bad.  Some (not many) can actually be useful without being too toxic and harsh.  But, the mass majority of vaccines ARE bad for us.  If you will, I’m sincerely asking you to read this blog in its’ entirety.  Please, think about what is shared here, and from their do your own research to form your own opinion.  Never, and I repeat NEVER, take a person’s word for being totally true, especially when it comes to Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Monsanto, and pharmaceutical companies.

Vaccinations.  Vaccines.  Did you know that vaccines are actually more dangerous than the natural COVID-19 or any virus in and of itself.?  No.  I’m NOT joking.  You may be laughing at me or chuckling, and that’s fine.  You ARE entitled to think what you want, but I’m asking you to put your opinion aside for a few minutes and truly hear me for all of what I’m about to share.

Did you know that most vaccines are tested first on animals (rats, mice, monkeys, etc,) and even tested on chicken eggs?  For vaccinations to be legalized is a LONG and rigorous process that most often times leads to lies being made in order to legalize a vaccination.  Not many vaccines are made without having to go through the long process.  I’m guessing, if you’re like myself, you haven’t heard that aspect of vaccinations being spoken about, right?

So let’s talk about flu shots.  Did you know that they add formaldehyde to flu shots?  Yes, one of the most toxic chemicals is being put into the flu vaccine that countless people in America receive ANNUALLY.  Formaldehyde, one of the 10 most toxic substances in the world, and other toxic additives in these vaccines deplete our immune system and cause disruption everywhere in our bodies:  The brain, the gut, the nervous system, the Immune System, with hormones, and more.

So, this brings up a fact that a majority of people don’t realize.  A virus like COVID-19 is right now a “natural virus”, meaning it isn’t altered or tainted.  Once we add this virus to a vaccine, that makes it a NEW virus.  Why?  Because of all the stuff that’s added into the vaccine with the natural virus, then it’s changing and disrupting the natural virus’s chemical and mechanical structure.  This means we are literally making a NEW virus!  We are no longer addressing the natural COVID-19 virus.  This means the natural virus will NOT react the same as it did, and will react quite differently when we are exposed to it when a person is vaccinated for COVID-19.

Once exposed to the virus, as a vaccinated person, symptoms may be similar but they won’t be the exact same.  The vaccination will be putting this new virus directly into a person’s body and they will more than likely (just like the flu shot) make you even more ill than the flu itself would had, had the person not been vaccinated.  So, would having a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination put into millions of Americans daily make any sense, to make people sick at a faster and more rampant rate?  And that’s not even saying all the toxins that are being put into an individual’s body, further depleting an Immune System. Isn’t it quiet any oxymoron to take a vaccine that is suppose to “help”, but is TRULY doing more harm than good?

Hear me out, please.  If you’ve read this far, I’m asking you once again to keep reading. Vaccines are NOT natural.  Natural medicine is, and there ARE natural ways to address viruses, both new and old.  But, western medicine leaders and pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to know this.  Hence why you probably haven’t heard much about it.  They keep people informed with lies, herding us like cattle to the slaughter house, to believing they are doing what’s in the best interest for us, the people.  

Regarding the Coronavirus, did you know that Functional Medicine Doctors are in quarantine… despite they are the ones that have the many possible means and ways to HELP people with this virus?  Why is this?  Because they, like you and I, are following government orders.  And, the government is ordering the very people that CAN help to be in quarantine.  China proved, and continues to prove, that intravenous vitamin c therapy works.  Yet here in the states this isn’t offered to patients in hospitals, or told to us as a GREAT supplement to be taking at this time!  Isn’t that interesting?  We also aren’t being informed that India endorsed a homeopathic remedy as a preventative to COVID-19, not to mention that this remedy IS working.  (I and my family are also taking this remedy).  There are many combinations of all natural supplements and homeopathic remedies helping prevent and decrease the severity of COVID-19’s symptoms.

Why, oh why, is America not hearing about these options of protection on the media, news reports and through various social media platforms?  If we were being told, would we listen and discern what we are hearing from a new informative voice?  Again, why is America not hearing about these options?  Is it because we are too prideful of a nation? Is it because we WANT to invite socialism into our society, a government control of the people.  Ummm, if you haven’t already noticed this is already happening.  It’s time to wake up, America.

Bill Gates is now trying to pass a vaccine for all people to take specifically for COVID-19. The government wants Americans to get back to work to save the failing economy.  How do we do so when this virus is here, there, and everywhere?  Do we take natural preventive measures to decrease symptoms when we WILL be exposed to it at some point in time?  I don’t know about you, but that seems to make a lot more sense to me than to take a vaccine that is going to give mega doses of the COVID-19 plus toxic ingredients killing immunity, making individuals ill, and many more ill than if they’d gotten the virus in the natural state it is in right now.

Your Life, Your Choice… Wouldn’t you rather have a CHOICE, you know, “freedom of choice”, in deciding for yourself if you want to have the potential COVID-19 vaccine or not?  Where’s our freedom to choose, in making it a “mandatory vaccine” in order for us to go back to work, to buy groceries, or to start to get the economy running again?  I don’t see freedom in something that is mandatory.  Where’s the light and love?  This vaccine being mandated is something that is dark and filled with lies and deception!  Why aren’t we the people being informed FULLY about what’s IN a vaccine, the amount of testing and needed TIME that goes into it to prove it is SAFE, or informed why a vaccine is actually worse than the natural virus itself?

There are other ways to protect yourself from illness.  What happened to using herbs, homeopathic remedies, food as medicine, and the things of the olden days to prevent and cure something.  These actual healing, medicinal, and golden nuggets that HAVE been here for thousands of years, unlike Western Medicine.  Is our society so lost, confused, conforming, prideful, heading towards socialism, that it is now okay to take away our freedom of choice and many more freedoms?  Do we want to be controlled by a government that is heading in the direction of socialism, where we truly do NOT get to think for ourselves?  Is that really the freedom America offers?

I repeat again, WAKE UP AMERICA!  Wake up Americans.  Our freedoms can so easily be taken away from us.  Here in America we stand FOR freedom.  Freedom of speech, freedom to express so many things.  But when push comes to shove do we actually have freedom in our choices regarding vaccines in the near future?  Right now we have choices to make, each of us, to use our voice to speak out and educate people so they know the truth.  We have opportunity RIGHT NOW to use our freedom of speech, to use our rights to enhance our society for the better.

I ask you, the reader, do you want to be a healthy bio-individual, or do you want to conform to a socialist society?  Is it worth it to conform into society, to become part of the socialist movement?  Do you want to support that?  Will you?  What’s it worth losing our freedom of CHOICE?  At what cost will this be done?

Thoughts for ALL of us to think about in the days, weeks, and months to come.  Why?  Because the COVID-19 virus has opened up something much more than a virus.  It’s brought about a world wide situation that rich, powerful, greedy people are working their agendas to change the world for THEIR profit.  To deny this fact is both careless and irresponsible.  America, its time to wake up.  Are you ready to wake up or do you want to keep sleeping?  The choice is each of ours to make.  I hope you make the right choice for all of us, one by one.

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