Flying Free

In the last blog (Follow Your Heart) I talked about learning to follow our hearts.  In doing so, sharing how my Mom had asked me the question while dealing with a bully at school, “What’s your heart telling you, Kel?”.

Today, I want to share how we, Mom and I, reversed roles in asking this question.  And, the beauty that has blossomed out of living lives of following our hearts!

In Moms blog (Why Do I Want to be A Mind Body Eating Coach?) she briefly talked about a question I’d asked her when I was 18 years old: “Mom, if you could pick a career to do now, knowing all you’ve learned about natural health, what would it be?”  She didn’t answer at the time.  But, ever since then that question had been buried inside of her awaiting a season to let it blossom and bloom.  

In October of 2019, my Mom, Amy, started school in training to become a Mind Body Eating Coach.  This is under the umbrella of “Health Coach”, but a “Mind Body Eating Coach” being specifically is what she is specializing in.  My mom is middle aged and now is back in school!  I think that’s really neat!

Have you ever wondered what your life will be like when you’re middle aged?  Have you ever wondered if your life experiences could help you figure out what it is that you want to do for this next season of life?

Today I want to take a few minutes of time to display how we are ALL never too old to learn something new.  Also, that our life experiences can help set us up for our future work(s) in various ways.  And, that our lives thus far can be preparing us for what is to come in our future!

During late spring of 2019 my Mom and I were talking about what’s next for both myself and my business, “Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage and Body Work”.  I shared with her how for years I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a Health Coach, which she knew about from me voicing it in the past.  “I truly believe it’s time to go back to school for this and I already have my sights on a particular school that I researched years ago.”  I paused before adding, “I feel it’s time to take that next step for myself and my future.” Mom smiled and we talked about this.  

It was later that week that this subject came up again and Mom asked, “Would you be offended or hurt if I went to school to become a heath coach too?”

My eyebrows shot up in delightful surprise and I immediately said, “NO!  Are you kidding me!?!  I think that’s a GREAT idea!  You’d be good at it!” Mom smiled (maybe in both delight and relief?)  

My Mom has, just like all of us have, a story to tell.  Her journey to become a Health Coach really started when she decided to do more alternative, natural, and holistic health ways to become more healthy and whole.  She tells her story best, (again see blog Why Do I Want to be A Mind Body Eating Coach?) but her journey started MANY years ago back in 2002-2003, when I was not yet a teenager.  The days when Mom fixed healthy meals of lots of veggies with a side of protein.  

I distinctly remember coming home from school one day, enter the house to smell a horrific smell.  As my brother and I looked at each other, we shrugged our shoulders and daringly entered the kitchen to see what Mom had cooked up.  Hope it’s edible!  We were both thinking.  Much to our dismay, our supper was to be a pan of liver and onions staying warm on the stove top, with a side salad.  Truth be told, that side salad was the basis of being able to eat the chopped up liver and onions.  Troy and I both ate it.  It surely was NOT a super pleasurable meal, but we knew Mom was helping us to eat more healthy… and we willingly obliged to her knowledge. 

Today, I don’t choose to eat liver and onions.  That taste… it just has not changed my palate.  Instead, I take a supplement to get the valuable nutrients I need instead of eating organ meat.  

Here’s the point.  My Mom had started her health journey years ago, and with each passing year she was learning, gaining incredible insights and knowledge, and becoming her own best health advocate.  She taught me a lot through the years, and still does. When I became really sick at age 18, Mom was my biggest cheerleader, health researcher, and sidekick.  She was learning what I was learning, because she choose to enter into an incredible “illness to wellness” journey with me, a journey that I will never take for granted.  Mom really dug deep in researching the ins and outs of gut health, via alternative holistic health, starting in 2010.  When I reached the point of true wellness in year 2017, we’d learned more than we ever dreamed possible.  

The phrase, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, has spoken to her numerous times throughout the years.  So last summer Mom enrolled and was accepted, then began school in Oct. 2019 to become a “Mind Body Eating Coach”, desiring to help others in a way that she knows is influential and rewarding.  “To be able to walk alongside of someone in their health journey is an incredible privilege and honor.”  Mom recently said to me.  

Next week Mom and I would have been traveling to Colorado for her to meet with her fellow classmates/peers for a “live event” and intimate graduation ceremony.  She would have meet in person the founder of her school, Marc David who is also the lecturer of classes.  But, due to Covid-19 that won’t be happening.  

To say that I’m blessed, honored, and proud of my Mom for following the desire of her heart is almost and understatement.  It has been inspiring and an unforgettable experience to watch her love to learn more! 

Mom will be taking new clients for Health Coaching at Helping Hands.  The date she starts taking clients is Tuesday, June 2nd!  (Please SHARE this to get the word out!)  The joys of completed training for certification, and soon taking clients is something Mom is excited and ready for!  She is doing something that she truly loves!  

To my Mom, I love seeing you fly freely in your newest endeavor!  I love watching the light bulbs go on in your head as you put two and two together.  I love watching you be your own health advocate each and everyday.  And, I love that you want to both help and walk alongside of people in their health journey.  You’ve been given a gift in Health Coaching; your entire life as been preparing you for this.  Thank you for following your heart and being the change you wish to see in the world.  I love you!


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