And just like that, shazam, life changes. People come into and people go out of our lives. We all get older, and hopefully wiser 😉. The sunrises and the sun sets. Another day comes and goes.

Life, a precious thing that we can so easily take for granted. Why is it that we not only take life for granted, but the so many things that we utilize each and every day? As the wind howls in the winter, I think about those that don’t have a warm home to be in and not having proper clothing to endure the elements. Some days tears trickle down my face as I think about how blessed I am. Today I was thinking about how I looked in both the refrigerator and freezer for what I wanted to eat and meal plan for tomorrow. And again, I thought about just how blessed I am to not only have food, but whole-foods that nourish me in every way… and on top of that, have a choice of what I want to eat. Uffta, I think about those living in third world countries, let alone here in the United States, that don’t have clean water, may get only one meal a day, or every few days, and are literally starving. It hurts to think about, I know.

Why is it that here in America we seemingly take so much granted without any or very little thought. For instance, thoughts about where the food we are eating has come from, how many hands have touched this food since planting the seeds, to it now sitting on our plate ready for consumption. We are blessed, but we can honestly be so very ignorant of being very blessed.

Hey, you! I have a question. What in your life do you feel thankful for, that you were/are blessed with? Ten to one the start of your answer is going to be, my wife/husband, my kids, grandkids, a roof over our head, and food to eat. Did I nail it? Those are GREAT answers, but I want you to dig deeper.

Why do you feel so blessed, say, with your grandchild? Is it because they were a miracle baby and parents are told they would be unable to have kids? Or, why do you feel so blessed to have food to eat? Is it because you have children and yourself to feed? Is it because you know what it’s like to not have food in your stomach for every meal? Or, maybe because you know how hard you and your spouse worked to get this food on the table?

I’m not asking these questions to create turbulence in your mind. I’m asking because I really want all of us to think about truly how blessed we are.

We ALL are blessed in many or some ways. Sometimes it can be hard, even really hard, to see the blessings in our lives. And to you, the Reader, that may be having a hard time right now, I want you to know that despite being in this valley, their is light. There’s a seed growing and getting ready to blossom, to show its’ radiant colors and brilliance. It will be a time of joy, understanding, and finding beauty out of the simple things in a day. Life isn’t easy, believe me. If anyone ever tells you life is easy, they are lying to you.

Life is a precious gift full of many ups and downs. The combination of ups and downs is what grows our character, creates us into who we are/are going to be, and shows us what life is really about. If you ask ten different individuals you will probably get ten different answers of what life is about. To me, life is about living this life out on this earth to the best of my ability’s. To let my Papa God’s light shine in and through me for all to see. To try as best that I humanely possible can to love all people despite our differences. And, ultimately to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in everything I say, think, and do. I fall short of this each and every day, but that doesn’t stop me from getting up to try again when I fall down.

For you, personally, what is life really about? When I ask questions, I really do hope you ponder, thinking for yourself the answers to my questions. Really, what is life really about? Like I said before, everyone will probably answer different… and that’s OKAY! No answer is better than another’s. And their is no right answer except one that is true to yourself and your life.

Shazam. Life changes just like that.

Today’s blessings may be different than tomorrow’s.

Life is a roller coaster, constantly changing and I hope and pray that wherever you are in life, that you would seriously take time to ponder the questions asked in this blog post. Why? Just to name a few reasons: To invite yourself to think, pray, ponder, reflect, and look at just how blessed we all personally are.

There are literally SO many reasons, but I hope this will help you to see what I’m getting at.

Life changes in the blink of an eye. Stop and smell the flowers. Watch the sunrise and the sunset. Smile big and laugh often. Oh, and don’t forget to say, “I love you.” Life is precious and is our biggest blessing. Now, may we all absorb that last sentence in it’s fullness!

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