What Will It Cost?

I remember when days were filled with laughter and smiles. I remember when people used to think for themselves and make informed decisions. I remember when grocery store shelves were filled with food, and produce sections were bursting with brilliant colors. I remember when people understood what freedom was. And I remember when people used to be less judge-mental towards others. Now a days it feels as if these are all mere memories that are slipping away for many individuals.

Time. Memories. What will it cost? Where has it gone?

Time: I remember growing up and being able to make friends with schoolmates. We were told to “be nice to everyone” but in doing so we found out who we did or didn’t want to be friends with. We had freedom to express, a voice to speak, and unique characteristics about us that helped us to find out not just who we were as individuals but also who we wanted to become friends with. As kids, we had many freedoms.

Memories: I remember growing up and going to clothing stores. With money, we could buy whatever clothes we choose. Meaning, clothes that covered us, kept us cool/warm, that were of durable quality, and that served the purpose it was used for, to cover us. We had freedom to choose what we wanted to wear in the clothes we were able to purchase.

I also remember when growing up, with money we could go to the grocery store and buy any food off the displays, in coolers and freezers, that we needed and or desired, within reason. We had freedom of choice, if we had the money to buy the food(s).

What will it cost? When we each remember what our country was founded on, we both remember and realize that freedom has come at a very high cost. Many men and women have died in order to keep the freedom of America that they fought for all of us. These people died for the freedoms that many today are willing to throw away without a mere thought.

“It’s not the same. Time’s have changed. This isn’t history repeating itself, it’s different this time. The media isn’t lying to us. People aren’t dying from…”

Freedom is at stake here. There is a much bigger picture going on than that of the statements just made, made by many individuals near and far. Some people see the bigger picture. Some do not. But, I do believe more will see the bigger picture in due time. But here in lies the great question, what will it cost? What will it cost for all of us to see freedom? Will it take our freedoms being taken away from us to see? Freedom comes at a price, one that’s cost depends on “we the people”, but more so on us as individuals, because that is where our freedoms start, with our very own selves.

Where has our freedom gone? When I talk about freedom I’m talking very broadly. No, not because I’m not willing to pinpoint the many aspects of what freedom looks like, but because freedom encompasses so many things. Freedom of speech. Freedom to express. Freedom of choice. Freedom of God given rights. Freedom to worship God. Freedom of Constitutional Amendment Rights. And the list goes on. I think you get the point 😉

Freedom seems to be slowly slipping away, one breath at a time, one hug at a time, one paycheck at a time. Freedoms are being taken, stolen from individuals without some even knowing it. Don’t touch, don’t breath, don’t look, don’t speak, don’t go against the crowd, don’t be your authentic self, don’t…

Each and every day I work with people that are sick and tired of living in the day an age that we are ALL living in, feeling that they are being deprived of the freedoms that have been fought for us. And for some, that they themselves fought for every last one of us serving in the military. Freedom ISN’T free, it’s come at a great cost, one that some people are blindly throwing away. I’m asking you, personally, to seriously look at the BIG picture of what is going on in the world right now and allow yourself to think about how it will/does currently (and in the near and distant future) effect your freedom.

Time. Memories. What will it cost? Where has it gone?

My advice for you, a quote by Abraham Lincoln, “”Be sure to put your feet in the right place, and then stand firm.”

Freedom is yours to choose. Choose wisely, and remember… freedom is never given, it is won. Let freedom and truth prevail!

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