First off, I want to say this blog post is going to be different than many of the others I’ve written.

The world is a crazy place right now. I feel it in my soul. Chaos, riots, children disappearing at an all time high rate- more than ever before. It’s so disheartening as I stand here and think about it. Maybe for you too. (Sigh) But that’s why I’m here, writing today, to create awareness around a subject that needs to be voiced so people are informed about this dark truth of what is going on in this crazy and dare I say, dark and evil world right now.

Children. God’s greatest and most precious gift to humanity. His children are pure, innocent, loving, sweet and cute, and so trusting upon their arrival into this world. Children are completely vulnerable at the start of their life. As they grow older they change with time in many ways physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

When you think of children, if you’re a parent ten to one you think of your children right away when someone says, “When you think of children…”. If you’re not a parent, you probably think of your nephews and/or nieces. And if you don’t have kids or nieces/nephews you probably think of children that you tend to see and/or spend any amount of time with, or yourself when you were a child. Am I right?

Let me ask you a question. What if something bad happened to one of the children that you know and love. What if you didn’t see that child again? How would that make you feel? I know. Icky questions that I hope and pray NOBODY has to EVER experience. Unfortunately, their are parents that DO experience this.

Children are absolutely precious, but there are nasty people in this world that are taking children to make money for themselves. The abduction rate of children, infants, and young adults has lowered significantly since the borders into the USA had been closed. But unfortunately, though, the borders are now not as secure as they were before 2021, and its happening again, the increasing rate of “human trafficking”.

Human trafficking isn’t just happening at the borders though. It is happening anywhere and everywhere. In big cities, and yes, even rural towns. It makes me sad to say this, but here’s the truth of the matter; once children and teenagers are taken, the abductors often jump on interstates and leave to a different state and location, these young people taken never to be seen by family and friends again. It is sickening, to say the least. I know.

Some may be asking, “WHY is Kelly writing a blog like this?” Honestly, it is to create awareness around a subject, that for one, really isn’t talked about in daily conversations. And for two, to help people understand what a PIVOTAL role we ALL play in helping protect and keep children safe.

Awareness. Talking about “human trafficking may be uncomfortable. Why? Because it creates discomfort to have to think about young innocent people being abducted in this world, and maddening to know there are those that want to hurt and do bad things to infants, children, teenagers, and even young adults. But if we don’t talk about this, how is awareness going to be created? I mean, really, think about it. Do you know anyone who has had a child disappear never to be found? It is traumatic and life altering. We, as human beings, need to stand along side of these families and not only support them in every way we can, but create space for others to become aware of what is happening right under their noses.

Our role. We all play a role in protecting children, whether you think you do or not. I want to share with you a quick, short, story. Last year I was shopping with my Mom at a store. We were heading to use the restroom after shopping. As we approached the restroom sign there was a man shifting his weight from foot to foot nervously as he was talking with his daughter. He was asking her, “do you really HAVE to go to the bathroom? Are you sure you can’t wait until we get home?” I heard the conversation and had stopped. The man leaned over and visually I could see he was stressed about his daughter having to use the bathroom to say the least. He knew that she would be going in alone and he was obviously stressed about the situation. My Mom was standing with our loaded cart and said to me, “keep an eye on her.” I already was going to keep an eye on her, but nodded my head and said to the man, “Sir, I’ll keep an eye on your daughter for you.” I stayed away from the girl but made sure that she found an empty stall and waited while she did her business. Once finished she came out and washed her hands and then dried them. She was nervous, probably from being by herself and knowing her Dad was outside anxiously and nervously awaiting her safe arrival. She walked out of the restroom and safely re-united with her Dad. My part in making sure this little girl was safe seems TINY, but to this Dad it was huge. When he couldn’t have his eyes on his daughter to make sure she was safe, I was able to be a safe set of eyes to help ensure her safety.

We ALL play a part in keeping any and every child safe on the face of this planet. It’s scary to think about there being people that do bad things, and steal infants and children for purposes that we aren’t going to talk about, today. I think you get the point. Ensuring the safety of ALL people is important, but especially these young ones.

Having awareness to what is going on around you is important. Use your eyes, and if you can, make it seem like you have eyes in the back of your head. Meaning, pay attention! Human trafficking is the largest money maker in the world (SICK, I know) and we ALL need to help to decrease this! Start by paying attention to everything and everyone around you. Keep a close eye on your own kids, other’s kids, and children in general when out in public settings. If you feel or see something that isn’t right, or seems off, don’t hesitate to call 911 and write down license plate numbers if vehicles are involved- most often.

I could honestly go on and on sharing information about this subject, but I truly think that if you would just take under 4 minutes of your time, this YouTube video would do a whole lot more than my words will. Please, take the time to watch and listen to ‘Rescue’. Here is the link, below, and please share it with your friends and family so NO CHILD is human trafficked ever again. Let’s ALL do our part in keeping children safe!

The link:

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