Lasting Memories

It neared the end of summer too quickly. The kids are back in school. Now the nights starting getting cooler. The wildlife is well underway for readying themselves for fall weather and the upcoming winter. And us? Well, it seems many are trying to enjoy the last weekends at the lake, having campfires, gathering with family and friends, and having grand fall cookouts with this great weather!

To every season there always seems to have a sense of finality to it. In spring, it seems to have finality when we hit the hot temperatures and the humidity hits. In summer, finality seems to be right around Labor Day weekend… school shopping, the last few weekends gathering with family and friends at the lake, and the temperatures start cooling down at night. Which brings us to fall. Fall’s finality hits with a cool blast in the face of winters white gift, AKA snow. That always brings a screeching halt to fall as we know it, and readies us for the winter weather. And last but not least, winter. Winters finality happens when the snow melts and the temperatures start to climb into the 50s. To Minnesotans, that’s tropical winter weather readying us for spring!

Oh how I love the change of seasons! What a beautiful thing to have four seasons to experience each and every year! I wonder, what is YOUR favorite season? And why? If you’d like to share what your favorite season is and why I’d love to hear from you!

I can honestly say I enjoy all the seasons. I’m especially fond of two seasons (spring and summer) in particular, but I truly enjoy them all. There is something about each season that is just wonderful. Papa God sure knew what he was doing to give us the gift of four seasons!

As summer has now winded down what are you trying to fit in before the fall season starts, September 21, 2021? What did you appreciate the most about this past summer? What friends, family, activities, hobbies, games, and relaxing moments stand out the most to you from this summer? And, what new things did you try this year!?

In asking all of these questions, I’m allowing us each to reflect, to really think about our summer. What did we like and enjoy? What lasting memories did we create? What did the summer of 2021 feel like to you? Oh wait, and this beautiful fall weather that felt like summer?

Each and every day we have so many opportunities to create lasting memories. We have opportunities to change our lives and the lives of those around us in various ways. As we begin to wrap up our wonderful fall weather season, I hope we will all enjoy it to its utmost potential. That we would each take time to breathe and smell the fresh air. And, that we’d savor the last campfires with smiles, laughter, and lets not forget campfire songs and games.

Adults, as you wrap up the warm fall season and begin its colder season, please take time to breathe. Take time to look at each day with a childlike view, savoring the joy in the small things. Take time to take off your shoes and walk through the yard bare foot, and even dip your toes in the water before it gets too chilly. I truly hope your summer and warm fall was a good one and that you enjoyed it.

Kids, as you now embark on your fall vacation, please take time to soak up the last bits of this warm fall’s goodness. Yes, you know what I mean – running through the yard playing football on a warm afternoon, riding bikes on the driveway, laughing and giggling with friends and having sleepovers, and, staying up just a tad bit later than you can on school nights. I hope you had a terrific summer and beginning of fall kids, and that your school year continues to go well. Put your chin up and do your best at school. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself in the process. School CAN be fun, you know!

Well, I hope each and every one of you has enjoyed this marvelous summer and beautiful fall weather that we had! And, that as the colder weather of fall approaches (starting today), you would enjoy the fall season to your utmost ability. Give thanks in the little things you see. Smile and laugh often, and make lasting memories with your loved ones. May you feel wrapped in love with the last of summer’s and fall’s warmth, and may the rosy red cheeks that fall brings make you feel ready for another season!

God bless and have a GREAT rest of your fall!

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