By nature, I’ve always been the type of person that thinks about things. Thinking and praying things through before I make a decision. Big decisions especially, but smaller ones too. It’s fair to say I most often think about things before I jump into something. What about you? Are you more of a “let’s think this through before I/we jump in.” OR, “alright, let’s go!”.

No matter what type of person you may gravitate towards, the mix of both of these is both interesting and important. In today’s day an age I wonder about people in general. I wonder if people think before they speak. I wonder if people think ideas and actions through before taking action. And I also wonder if humanity is on a good track or a propelling downward spiral.

Have you noticed how people are not like they used to be? I mean it, really think about this if you have to. In the last few years I truly wonder what has gotten into people. I’ve witnessed and heard of numerous TRUE stories where people (adults) literally explode verbally onto another individual without any given reason. And when I mean explode, I mean the turn beet red in the face, kind of exploding. Truly, since when is this kind of behavior okay to do?

Since when is it okay to bully and make accusations about others because what you both believe is different than the other? Why should our differences result in one person angrily yelling at the other, saying things they probably ought not to say, but spew forth anyways. Interesting how an individual may think spewing their anger out is somehow helping their case to “make an impact” on the other. Sadly, they are very wrong. If anything, the other person gets to witness their true character up front and personal.

When words are there and an individual gets held accountable. Some days I wonder if accountability even happens in this world anymore. Some time ago their used to be a thing called, “black, white, and grey.” Black and white were obvious differences and we knew what the consequences or results would be of our choice. It was literally black or white, we knew the result. That left the grey, for what then at that time a few years ago, was little area for confusion or, a delayed result of our choice. Today, it seems the black and white are questioned just as the grey was questioned back a few years ago. How can black or white even be questioned is what I wonder? Not to mention the grey in the “here and now” is BIG, not small like it was.

How this world has changed in just the last few years is ALMOST mind boggling, but yet it’s not because if you are reading this, we are amidst it. Somedays like today I sit here pondering, reflecting, and thinking about how we’ve ended up here at this interesting time in the course of our history. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

People have changed in the last few years. In many regards in not so great of ways are the changes happening. No, it’s not all people by any means. It’s too bad that folks that are doing this. What I mean when I say this is that, sure they may impact or maybe even try to hurt the people they explode or get angry at, but most of all, they are exposing themselves in a way that isn’t very lovely for others to witness and see first hand. It’s one thing to do and say things behind closed doors, but to take yourself out into public and act upon what’s on your mind and dare I say on/in your heart, is another thing entirely.

I can say that I miss the days where people thought before they spoke. I miss common sense in people’s daily lives. I miss people living their life dancing to their own drum beat. I miss people smiling and laughing. I miss strangers talking to each other in public. I miss going to the grocery store and chatting with others about what they’re going to do with their Leeks, Kale, or herbs. And most of all, I miss seeing more light in this world than darkness.

We are at this time in history for a reason friends. We are alive and living in a world that is full of unknowns, heartache, beauty and ashes. Each day we have many opportunities to make life enhancing interactions and effects to others and this world. It’s our choice to live in the light or in the darkness. Light is Love. Dark is Evil. The choice may seem hard in the moment but when in printed letters like I just wrote it seems pretty easy to choose. So, when the time comes, remember what you’ve read here today. Every interaction we have brings this world more light or darkness, and to our own personal lives too. Be careful. Trust Papa God. Listen to your heart, not your head. And please, think before you speak.

2 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. I tend to think things through. However, at times I’ve not and spoke soon…aka Howie and holding him accountable to talking directly to Pi and not drag ME into their quarrels. And look where it got me. Ugh


    1. kellyshelpinghands December 15, 2022 — 12:13 am



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