Furry Friends!

Felix, Oscar, Chloe, and Little Bear all played in the garage, wrestling and running around having a kitten parrrrttttaaayyy!  In watching them interact, all we could do is laugh!  Felix and Oscar chased each other, tumbling head-over tails while taking the other down.  Little Bear watched the big boys, eyes as big as saucers!  He didn’t seem confident he could join the big boys.  Chloe sat a safe distance away, ready to defend herself if the two rowdies came near her.

The 4 kittens are becoming family, siblings… in the attached garage of our house where a new big sister named Goofy lives, whom is continually being challenged to accept them.


You may be asking, “Did you actually keep all 4 kittens?”

Well that’s a good question!  In the last few years, my girl, Goofy, likes to stop over and visit at my brother Troy’s house.  He lives next door, adoring the fact that she likes to “stop in” for a snack, and if she’s feeling tired will hang out longer for a cat nap too!  Troy loves to play with Goofy, but with her being almost 16 years old she’s not always up for his tactics… then proceeds to ignore him!

That being said, there are 4 kittens in our garage!  2 too many!  The 2 older boys, Oscar and Felix, are full of energy.  Erratic stops, and then go, go, go’s causing them to slide into things looking much like baseball players heading into home-base with the catcher waiting for an incoming ball!  They tumble and tear through the garage like wild-boys, eyes lit-up as big as they can possibly open in hot pursuit of one another, and taking no heed to anything that’s in their way.  Yes, they are ALL boy!  Since Troy LOVES cats that will play, and are easy to amuse (I think amuse both him and the cat), Oscar and Felix are now Troy’s boys.  They’ll be joining him this weekend over at the bachelor pad!  Troy is excited to take his kittens home.  He even bought them the kingdom of all cat towers which resides in a portion of his living room!  Those guys are all going to have a RIOT there!

So, that leaves Chloe and Little Bear staying with me and my parents, of course!  These two are a great fit together.  Goofy seems to do better with the younger kittens, too.  Our house is a lot less rowdy!  Chloe likes it quieter.  And Little Bear?  He will miss Oscar and Felix, for sure!  I’ve never seen a kitten that literally jump like Little Bear does!  He’s on the floor one second and then he jumps like a baby goat would, straight up in the air, then proceeds to run as fast as his little legs will carry him to anywhere that catches his attention- and that’s a lot of any wheres!  He’s about 3 weeks old.  His curiosity and playfulness makes most anyone smile!  Together he and Chloe like to play, run to and fro, and finally snuggle in close for long cat naps.  Being a kitten is exhausting, you know!

Oscar & Felix.png

What ever happened to Chloe’s sibling, the kitten that had run across the busy highway? We all love a story with a happy ending, right?  Well, Chloe’s brother was found by a volunteer searching for him… and is now in a loving home adjusting to his new life.  His name is Westley, and he looks very similar to his sister, Chloe.  Talk about a wonderful outcome eh?

Life has been a surprising adventure lately!  I think I better watch more closely as to what I allow to pass through my lips, because this adventure all started when I randomly said, “Maybe we should get a kitten!”

How very blessed we are!  Little did I know that God was going to humor not just me, but our family, and maybe even you, the Reader?  God didn’t bring us just 1 kitten, but 4 rescue kittens that were in need of loving homes.  Living in a rock retaining wall wasn’t what Papa God had in mind for their life, so low and behold, these furry-friends were “once lost, but now are found”.   And we are so thankful!  It seems that the adventures have only just begun!  🙂



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