Growing & Changing

I don’t know about you, but when I think about life I look at “the big picture”.  You know, from the there, to here and now, and then whatever the future holds, and eventually the inevitable that we will pass on one day.

When I think about life, I look at how much growth and change has happened through the years in my life, our family’s lives, our extended families, our friends’ lives, and so forth.  Not a single one of us is the same little person that we were born into this world kicking and screaming, letting everyone know “I’m here!”.  We’ve each grown and changed through life.

Growing and changing is a  continuous process.  It’s a process that I hope and pray none of us stops experiencing.  You’ve heard me say this before, but I’ll say it again; life is a journey, but the JOURNEY is the reward!

I was recently talking to my Mom, telling her about how I’m facing into some fears in learning to be “techi”.  Computer tech is something that, in the past, would had made me want to say “No” before I even started.

As I was talking to Mom, I said, “I literally just grabbed my laptop and didn’t even think about everything I knew I had to do.  I just jumped right in and started.  I didn’t know what I was doing, but I’m learning and expanding my knowledge as I continue to embark in this process.”  I paused, reflected, and continued on saying, “It’s challenging, but I don’t even look at it that way.  It’s something I have to do because I can’t expect anyone to do it for me, and I need to know how all of these systems operate individually, and together.”

Mom responded with, “Sounds to me like you’re literally jumping right in Kelly.  You know, if everything came easy, what would you learn?”

I looked at Mom, smiled while stating,  “Nothing.”

“No,” she said, “Not enough.”  I stood there briefly thinking… and nodded my head in agreement.  Mom was right.  I not only wouldn’t learn enough, I also wouldn’t be challenged nor would I grow.  And that’s exactly it!  If our lives weren’t full of AFGO moments (Another Fabulous Growth Opportunity), we wouldn’t be  challenged, learning, or growing enough.  Instead, we’d be stagnant, stuck, unchanging, not evolving or learning.  That doesn’t sound like the way we were meant to live life to me.  What do you think?

Think about your life, where you’ve come from to the individual you are today.  You’ve been through a lot, right?  Why do you think you are who you are today?  And why do we think the way we do, and live out each moment of our lives the way we do?

There are a lot of reasons that we think the way we do, are who we are today, and live the way we do.  But you know what?  In each of the answers to these questions there is one thing that stands out:  NOT what has happened to us, but rather, what has happened FOR us.  Meaning, it’s not what happened to us, but how we react to it and what we’ve learned from the happenings that matter.

What life choices we’ve made (or haven’t made), all play an intricate role in who we each are today.  Everything that we’ve experienced, been apart of, how we’ve been treated and how we’ve treated others.  The things we say or don’t say, our actions, words we speak both inwardly and outwardly ALL effect the person we once were, are, and will be in the future.  Which leads me to the next question.

“How are we living our lives?”  Are we edifying other’s and building them up?  Are we standing firm in the beautiful individual that God created us to be, bringing glory and honor to him in all ways?  Are we breathing life into those around us?  Are we choosing to grow and change in each moment of each day?  I don’t know about you, but I surely want to.  I’m learning and growing just like you are, hopefully!  (And right now, becoming more tech savvy is growing me in ways that are pushing me well beyond my comfort level and I’m embracing it and truly enjoying it.  The challenge has been good despite many bumps in the road.)

Where are each growing and changing in our lives.  Maybe in the same areas right now, and maybe not… I don’t know, and truthfully it doesn’t matter.  Why?  Because we are in this journey together.  Together, we are here to help one another and walk alongside of each other in this journey of life.  I’ve met hundreds of people in my life, work, and journey thus far, and so have you!

Today, you and I are crossing paths again, and it’s not a coincidence.  As we read and grow together, I hope you’ll looked at who you once were, to who you’ve become standing here today.  Furthermore, I hope that you challenge yourself to continue to grow and change, evolving into a better version of yourself each and every opportunity of each day.  Embrace life’s AFGO moments,and remember… “If it all came easy, what would we learn?  NOT ENOUGH.”


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