Loving Summer Changes

As spring turns into summer I always get a little excited!.  Maybe a lot, actually!  Summer is my favorite time of year.  It always has been thus far in my life.

Why the love for summer?  Summers tend to encompass more time outdoors!  I love the sound of waves crashing along the shoreline, the warm/hot weather and the beautiful colors that burst forth in the scenery.  But that’s not all, I truly love how summer tends to bring newness, change, and growth into all of life.  Sometimes I feel like a flower that not only grows during the summer, but a flower that grows from seed, blossoms, and even blooms when all is said and done!

This summer, like any summer, has been a wonderful one bringing growth, change and newness.  After wrapping up sharing my personal health journey (starting with When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…) I knew I needed to take a sabbatical from blogging.  In taking that break from blogging there were a number of things that I needed to focus on, working to get done before the fall season arrived.  More on that in a bit though!

Before taking my sabbatical from blogging I’d been reflecting on those things I’d be needing to focus on this summer.  That being said, let me explain in complete humbleness and thankfulness for how far we’ve come!  Being a self employed business woman for 6+ years, our business at Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body Work has grown.  We’ve expanded both business and ourselves in many ways.  This summer the focus has been to expand our business to keep up with today’s technological times. We’ve had a Facebook Page (Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body Work) for many years now.  Clink here to connect with us Facebook: Facebook Link

We’ve now branched out to having an Instagram account (helpinghandstmb) where we provide our followers with cutting edge natural health tips, inspiring quotes, the latest natural health news, and helpful healing information.  Click her to connect with us on Instagram:  Instagram Link

But our expansion doesn’t stop there.  We’ve also joined Pinterest as Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body Work.  Click here to connect with us on Pinterest: Pinterest Link

Yes, you could say we’ve literally jumped right into learning about social media platforms that we are not familiar with prior to this summer.  But, in order to keep with the times, we are stepping out of our comfort zones and expanding our knowledge.

Oh, but wait!  We saved the best for last!  We recently redesigned our website, completely!  We are so thankful to be able to share with you our excitement of serving YOU in our new website by providing insights and information you may be wondering about with our business.  Feel free to visit our full website by clicking this link:  Website

Like I said earlier, we haven’t just grown as a business these past many years, but we’ve grown as individuals, too.  Speaking for myself, I’ve never been a very tech savvy individual.  This summer has helped me expand my techiness, and for that I’m thankful. I’ve learned that if a person wants to change and grow, they need to face into newness.  I even dare say face into “their fears” for that matter, in order for these 2 qualities to happen.  Change is not always comfortable and easy, but it is SO worth it!

That being said, we are continuing to learn and become more knowledgeable in technology.  But guess what, there’s one more surprise we have in store to share with you today.  Guess we’re full of surprises today!

This surprise has been years in the making actually.  I’d shared this new endeavor in the blog post in June titled, What’s Next?, when wrapping up my personal health journey story.  As a new season change is nearly upon us, fall, a new change is happening in our lives.  Health Coaching Schooling is underway and we are excited to share this new endeavor and adventure with you.  And YES, if you were wondering, we will be continuing to work at Helping Hands serving you all the while getting our education!

As we embark on this new journey, we are asking you if you would be willing to join us in the journey?  Whether it be by following our blog, like/following us on Facebook, following us on Instagram, following us on Pinterest, or finally by joining our weekly email subscription by clicking on this link:  FREE SUBSCRIPTION.  With you joining us on the journey, you are helping making this journey one-of-a-kind for all of us!  We appreciate you support!  Thank you!

We know this blog was not at all like our usual ones.  This was an informational packed blog, but yet one that we are humbled, excited, and thankful to share with you!  We will now be back to blogging on a regular basis of every other week.  We are so ready to be back spending quality time with you, and we hope that you will join us for this new journey with us too!

Until next time when we meet again,

Kelly & Amy

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