A Leap of Faith

Do you remember a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone, taking a leap of faith?  Maybe you have a few memories which come racing to the forefront of your mind in my asking this?

A few come to my mind which I’d like share.  The first was when I was 21 years old and opening up my business, “Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body Work”.  Not having been a native to this area, I had no idea how the community would receive my gift of business, or me for that matter.  I knew only a few handfuls of people, so for me this was a giant leap of faith putting both myself and my business out in the open with absolutely no solidity of a future outcome of what was to come.  Let me say, it was an incredible leap of faith.

Another example of stepping out of my comfort zone that comes to mind is when forming new friendships.  In being vulnerable, honest and open, I’ve placed the REAL me out there with people.  The friendships that I have made are each dynamic… each a bit different.  Maybe you’ve experienced this too?

When taking a leap of faith, it’s not something that is insignificant.  It’s significant!  To some, their leap of faith appears different than what your own may be.  Each persons’ leap is a pivotal happening that changes us.  No leap of faith is better than anyone else’s, no matter the circumstance!

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Does your stomach go into knots when thinking about asking a girl on a date, asking someone you’d like to get to know better out to lunch, or share a portion of time with?  To some, the answer is ‘”Yes”.  And to others the answer is “No, I’m totally comfortable with it!”  Although you may not personally have second thoughts of asking an acquaintance out to eat, or that certain girl on a date, another may struggle greatly… making their asking a giant leap of faith!

Here’s another leap of faith example: When thinking about picking up your belongings and moving to another state, how does your mind respond?  Some see this as a grand adventure to be had, taking it with a grain of salt.  Others, because leaving loved ones, their job, their home, and so many other things, this is very hard to process.  Taking a leap in faith for an unknown future can be welcoming or uncomfortable and daunting.

What about the thought of changing your job?  Some people will not switch jobs because they are comfortable where they are at.  And that’s okay, if you’re still growing and changing as an individual.  This person may see no need to take a leap of faith and try something new.  Others may have a grinding desire to switch jobs but aren’t ready to take that leap to actually take the steps TO change jobs.  Yet others are willing to put in their two weeks notice, pack up their belongings, and take that leap without even looking back.

What’s the point in my saying all of this?

To every person, our leap of faith appears different.  It not only appears different, it will look different, sounds different, and is uniquely their own kind of different.

As we look at our lives and the leaps of faith we’ve taken, to some of us we can look at our leaps as insignificant or very significant.  It doesn’t matter what people think or how others view our leap of faith significance, by measuring and comparing our leaps.  The significance in each of our individual leaps of faith was meant for US!  Meaning, one child can take the leap off faith in letting Mom and Dad take the training wheels off their bicycle and the child falls down scraping their knee, thus tears rolling down their face. Their leap of faith meant they had to fall before they got back up again.  Another child did the same leap but went pedaling down the street without falling.  Both children took a leap of faith, but one had to fall before they succeeded.  One child was not better than the other.  One just learned a different way than the other, but both took the SAME leap of faith!

As adults we can look at that last described leap of faith depiction and think, “Seriously? What’s the big deal with falling off a bicycle?  I’ve got real problems in my life.”   I’m not going to agree or disagree with you, but I will say this,  “This is exactly what I was talking about above.  It is easy to compare our leaps of faith with other individuals.”  That being said, think back to when you were a kid and maybe it was you who fell off that bicycle.  If so, it hurt, right?  Now, look at a leap of faith today that you deem as a BIG leap of faith in your adult life.  Got one?  Okay.  Look at the two and compare them if you must.  But as you look, ponder and compare, realize that both of these leaps of faith were BIG leaps for you at that time in your life!  They were and ARE significant.  Without one of those kinds on experiences, you wouldn’t have overcome… and become who you are today!

Each leap of faith is different.  Today as we each go forth, I ask us all to look at something in our life that we want to take a leap of faith in.  If it’s trying a new food, give it a whirl. If it’s the girl you have a liking to, take a deep breath and ask her.  If it’s wanting to switch jobs, start by preparing your mind so that you can take the life steps to do so!  If it’s time to take a sabbatical, because you really need to and you know it, give yourself the much needed break to rejuvenate so you can come back re-engerized.

I don’t know what significant leap of faith is on your heart, but YOU do!  Whatever it may be, know that I’m here cheering you on to go forth and take your leap of faith!  Take a deep breath… and then, let yourself FLY!  I can’t wait to hear where your leap takes you!

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