Let’s Talk Relationships

If there’s two things in this world that we as humans were designed for, they are, 1) Relationships, and 2) Love.

In this blog we are going to talk “Relationships” and the next one we will talk about “Love”.


Before we were brought into this world, we as “people” were already designed to be “in relationship” with other people.  Relationships are intricately complex.  One minute we love a relationship and the next we could be asking ourselves, “What is the point?”  Well, nobody said having relationships with another would be ALL peaches and cream, right?

Relationships are full of give and take.  Sometimes we are giving a lot in a relationship, and other times we are on the receiving end.  If we don’t partake on both ends it’s not a relationship, it’s a one way highway.  A relationship is like a 2 lane road.  There will be slow and high speeds.  There will be people in your life that pass by, and then you’ll see them again somewhere down the road.  And let’s not forget, there will be bumps in the road, curves, road construction and detours.

Take a moment to reflect for a minute on a relationship in your life.  Do this for a few relationships if you want.  Ask yourself the following questions:  What is the basis of this relationship?  Is there both give and take in our relationship?  Why am I in this relationship?  Do I want to be in relationship with this individual, and why or why not?  What do I love about this relationship?  What do I struggle with in this relationship, with both myself and with the other individual?  What am I doing to maintain a strong relationship with this individual?

These are questions each of us can only answer ourselves.  Whether we are married, have a significant other, or are single; these question apply to every last one of us.

We are meant to be in relationship with others, but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated and in written agreement like a committed marriage.  It can be a friendship.  Yes, a relationship CAN become a marriage, but the basis of the relationship starts off as a friendship, right?

If we are designed to be in relationship with others, then why is it so intricately complex?  Some relationships are full of laughter and love.  Some are filled with more ups and a few downs.  Some relationships are a continuous roller-coaster of learning and growing, both individually and together.  Every relationship is different, and what works in one relationship doesn’t necessarily work in another.  Relationships take investment, work, and if we aren’t willing to put forth the effort and time to further a relationship, then it’s not going to get better and stronger.  It will fall apart, and the individuals will, in turn, grow apart.

Relationship dynamics are different with each relationship too.  There are marital and significant other relationships.  There are friendships.  Work relationships.  Business relationships.  The list goes on.  Here’s the point.  All our interactions with others are based on “a relationship”.  Some relationships are deep, and others are shallow.  Some are business relationships and some are deep friendships.  It’s important to have a variety of healthy relationships in our lives.

We can learn from ANY relationship we have with others in our life.  Whether it be the quick interaction with the same individual that you see at the gas station, catching up with an old friend, with a spouse, or with a child.

Each day we have opportunities to be in relationship with others.  Are we stepping up to the plate and forming healthy relationships? Are we putting forth the effort to do so?  Do we desire to be in relationship with others, but fearful of the unknowns it will bring to our life?  Do we enjoy a variety of relationships?  What are we doing to enhance the relationships that are in need of extra support?

Today, let’s each look at our own life, the relationships in them, and take some time to think and reflect on them.  Let’s each take some time to learn, grow, and enhance both ourselves and the relationships with others that are in our lives.  Pick up the phone and call that friend that maybe we’ve been putting off.  Drop an email, send a text message, or BEST yet… just pick up the phone or stop in to see that special person YOU are in a relationship with!

As we go about our next days, I hope that each of us reflects on each relationship in our lives as we interact with each individual.  Be open to feeling emotions.  Look at the dynamics of the relationship.  Remember, we were designed to be IN relationship with others, so take some extra time out of your day to be in relation with someone today.

That being said, thanks for taking the time to be in relation with us through connecting here on the blog.

In the next blog we are going to talk about love.  Relationships and love go hand in hand, One doesn’t go without the other.  Until next time 🙂

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