Infinite Blessings

It was a fall day, the trees still sporting their amazing splendor of colors.  As my Mom and I got out of the car, we walked into our favorite grocery Co-op store, Lakewinds Food Coop in Minnetonka, MN.

As we entered into the store, we were immediately greeted by friendly staff offering us warm smiles.  Mom and I each grabbed a grocery cart and went to the produce section that was just within feet of us.  We each started filling our carts with fresh, beautiful, flavorful, and nourishing whole foods; broccoli, red, romaine, and green lettuces, long and slender carrots grown from a local Minnesota farmer, chard, spinach, fresh herbs, mushrooms, grapes, plantains, bananas, celery, cucumbers, beets, and more lay piled in our carts for fellow shoppers to see.

That’s a lot of fresh produce you may be thinking.  How do you eat that much?  How do you keep it fresh?  Well, good questions.  Our carts were filled with fresh produce for the next coming weeks.  Given the length we drive to buy organic, nourishing foods, we put on a lot of miles.  But, we are able to keep produce quiet fresh by packaging it with paper towels so that any extra moisture will not wilt or damage our purchases.  Then, upon arriving home, we make sure everything is wrapped accordingly and stored in a fridge in proper sections to ensure it’s quality until it’s time to break it open and clean it before consumption.  It’s a process, but one that works, just taking a little extra time and love to ensure the richest experience possible in the food to table process.

As I walked out of the produce section pushing my cart I met a woman in crossing.  She had on a Minnesota ball cap with braided hair.   Giving her one of my “how you doing” smiles, I nodded to her and we passed saying “hello” to one another.  I rounded the corner to grab a jar of sauerkraut.  Looking at all the diverse options as I stood in front of the display case, I was feeling so thankful for the opportunity to fuel my body with good nutrients.  I must had stayed there awhile, in my thoughts… reminiscing on days past, and days ahead too.

Sauerkraut jar in hand, I set it in my cart and made my way back to where Mom was, still in the produce section.  Mom stood talking to the woman with braided hair tucked under her MN ball cap.  Mom immediately introduced me to Sarah, and I smiled, greeted her again offering my hand in a friendly gesture.  She returned the handshake and I said, “It’s good to meet you, Sarah.”

Mom and Sarah had only just met minutes before I walked up to the two of them.  Sarah (whom is a daily Lakewind’s shopper) took notice to Mom’s cart that was overflowing with fresh produce.  Sarah, having turned around after her and I had crossed paths, had walked past Mom then stopped and said, “I can’t help but admire all the fresh produce you have in your cart!  It makes me happy to see people buying such nutritious fresh foods.  I love it!  I shop here regularly and I haven’t seen you here before…” and that’s when I walked into the conversation.

“We aren’t from around here.  We live three hours away, but we come to get groceries here every couple weeks.  We’ve been coming here for a few years now (3).”  Mom shared with Sarah.  The conversation continued and Sarah told us a bit about herself and her family.  She also shared that by “simply” changing the way her and her family ate (via whole foods), her daughter was feeling SO much better.

“Food is medicine.” Sarah spoke with eyes dancing.

“Food IS medicine”, Mom confirmed.  We then shared some ways of how we utilized food as medicine to help aid in my overcoming a toxic digestive system, having underlying Pancreatic cancer, naturally.

“What other healing methods did you do?”  Sarah asked curiously.  I shared a bit more without going into great detail.

Sarah exclaimed, “Your story inspires me!  Congratulations on your journey and healing. That’s amazing!  I’m so happy for you!”  She genuinely stated, smiling at me.  I smiled back, thanking her.

As we wrapped up our time together, Sarah said, “Well maybe we’ll see each other sometime when your here again.  It was really good to meet you two… and thank you for inspiring me!  And thank you for eating so well!” she added.

“It was a pleasure meeting you!” I replied.

“Yes!” Mom stated, “It was good to meet you… and continue to do the wonderful things you’re doing, raising your kids with good, whole, nourishing foods.”

For the next half an hour Mom and I finished our shopping and chatting with people along the way.  When we finally made it to the checkout line, I went first with my cart, letting Mom unload the cart while I started to bag the yummy goodness we purchased. I’d filled a couple of bags when Sarah (unbeknownst to me) walked up behind Mom, handed her a card and said, “This is for you and your daughter”.

Mom, very surprised said, “Well, thank you!”.  By that time Sarah was next to me and said to both Mom and I, “Have a beautiful day!”

Looking up I saw it was Sarah and smiled at her as Mom and I replied at the same time “You too!”  And she walked out the door as I continued to bag our groceries.

Minutes later Mom put a card in front of me to look at.

I smiled at it’s message (still having not known this was from Sarah).  Inside the card it read:

Upon reading this my eyebrows went upward in surprise!  But there was more…

Seeing this last part made my eyes moist.  I was blown away with Sarah’s genuinely loving gesture she had infinitely blessed us with, an extended hand of friendship in word and a $100.00 gift card to help pay for our groceries.  We’d only spoken together for a short time, and now she was helping pay for our groceries?  I blinked back tears and turned around to look out towards the parking lot.  Of course Sarah was no where to be found.

Today, I know no more about Sarah than I did that lovely Fall day in October, 2019.  But one thing I do know, Papa God will allow our paths to cross in due time if it’s meant to be. And when our paths cross again, I can’t wait to go up to her and give her a giant hug and thank her from the bottom of my heart for her kindness.  Until that day, I will continue to fill my cart with fresh produce, hoping as I shop I will see her and be able to say, “I can’t help but admire all the produce you have in your cart!” HA!

The reason I share this story is because this is one of millions of ways in which we communicate, live our lives, speak, and share that make all the difference in another persons life.  There are times we don’t know the difference we make, and other times we do.  But no matter if we know it or not, people are watching and listening to us.

Be an infinite blessing to all you meet.  You just never know who’s life you might touch.

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