Freedom’s Tribulation

What an era we live in, eh, where it seems if you don’t go along with what the media and world leaders are saying, you are a minority? No longer does thinking for yourself or making choices for yourself appear to be a modern day freedom we once called “normal”. Those who take other’s at their word without thinking twice, without researching for themselves, finding out if what they’re being told is actually true seem to want to tell those of us who don’t follow that mantra that we need to “get in line”, “care about others, not just ourselves”, etc.

To some, this blog post may stir up conflict. To others, you well know what I’m talking about because you, too, have been persecuted for being a minority in these unsettling days of “Covid-19”.

There comes a time in each of our lives, that we choose to find out WHO we really are as an individual. Along with that, we seek out what is truth as we believe it to be, and seek to know what our integrity is founded on. For example, I know who I am as an individual. I know who I am as a child of the most high God. And, I also know what my morals are, my foundational pillars are, and where my integrity stands. What about you, do you know these things for yourself?

In my recent blog, What’s Inside?, I talked about what is going to come in the era we are currently living in. I talked in that blog about the COVID-19 vaccine and what is contained inside of it. I ask that you read that blog post if you haven’t already. Where I’m going with bringing this blog post up, is that we are living in an era where our freedoms, our rights, and our thinking for ourselves is slowly but surely being taken away from us. We are being groomed to conform into what many global world leaders, American media, and powerfully independently wealthy people want us to be, “for the greater good” as they would say. REALLY? “It’s for the safety and better of ALL people” they say. REALLY? “It’s for the best of every person that we become a one world government.” REALLY?

If you know me personally, you know that I’m not a political person at all. Instead, I’m someone that stands for health, wellness bodily, mentally and spiritually, and sharing my knowledge for EVERYONE to have access to. I share stories and information with people I brush shoulders with. I stand for integrity, truth, honesty, health, freedom of choice, respect, and other important characteristics that are vital to each of us as bio-individuals.

So, staying on subject with what I was just talking about, living in an era where our freedoms, our rights, and our thinking for ourselves is slowly but surely being taken away from us… I want to ask you a question, and I REALLY want YOU to think about it before reading any further. WHAT does freedom mean to you? Please, think for a bit before you continue reading any further.

Wikipedia’s definition of FREEDOM is: The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

If you are an American citizen you have these inherent rights. You have the right to act, speak, and think for yourself, without having someone do this for you. That being said, we are TRULY blessed to have this right because there are millions of people in the world that don’t have this freedom or right.

In the not so distant future, we will have a one world government. It’s predicted by 2030 this will happen, if not before, depending on many contributing factors. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you know what that means; we will not have such freedoms to think, act, or speak our minds for ourselves. We will become a uniform world, with people thinking, acting and speaking alike. And if you are a person that isn’t willing to conform? Well, let’s just say that isn’t going to work so well…

WHY am I bringing this subject up? Just like I brought up the COVID-19 vaccine blog, I want people to be informed… to know what is happening globally, and here in America. I want people to SEE the bigger picture of what’s going on right here, and right now. You have a right to know and choose whatever you choose. That’s your American right!

Today, we are living in a time of great tribulation. There are elected officials making rules and laws. Some are overstepping their powers, which effects us as businesses, and most importantly as “we the people”. There is tribulation amongst nations, countries, world leaders, governors and their people, and government officials. But that’s not to say the tribulations are happening in each of our communities, because a lot are. Children are disappearing more prevalently. Businesses and houses are being rioted. Some people are no longer respecting others because of their “freedoms of choice” impacting other’s in negative, harmful ways. Sometimes I literally think, “Am I really living in this era? It’s almost like a bad dream.” But it IS happening, and we ARE living in this era of great tribulation.

One of the things that I have come to respect about tribulation in my life, personally, is that it is an opportunity for growth. Always. Just yesterday, I had an incident where an individual decided to bring tribulation into my life because they didn’t agree with me. I’m thankful to say that I realized right away that the person wanted to get a reaction out of me by bullying me, demeaning me in their own way. I listened and spoke words of truth as the person tried to finish my sentences, and I would stop, think, and then said, “No, that’s not what I said.” This conversation went on for a few minutes. When the conversation was done, I knew that I had grown from this experience. Was is pleasant? No. Was it really needed in my life? No, but I’m glad it happened because I choose to grow through the tribulation that was thrust upon me.

Everyday we are faced with choices to makes, thoughts to think or not think about, words to speak or not speak, and actions to take or not to take. Right now we are living in an era where we CAN choose to do all of these things. Someday, we may not be able to. So what I trying to tell you right now is first, and foremost, find out WHO you are as an individual. This is the MOST important aspect of your being, because if you don’t know who YOU are, you won’t know what you really think, believe, and deem as truth for yourself. You’ll take others for their word and possibly not even do your own research to find out if what they’ve said is really true.

If you know who you are, or after finding out who you are, do your research, talk to your friends, family, and loved ones, even strangers for that matter, and find out what is important and true for you. See out what freedoms are important to YOU. Find out what freedom means for YOU and TO you. Really sit and ponder these things. And then, look at the era that we are living in. What is happening each and everyday in the world, here in America, in our own communities? Are we being conformed for uniformity? Are we using our voice to be FREE? Are we standing firm in what we believe?

I’d like to leave off with one more thought for each of us to think about as we part ways. Our founding fathers came here, to America, to make America the land of the free. Is the era that we are living in promoting freedom, or taking our freedom away? That being said, what are we each going to do about this? Do you want to promote what our founding fathers put into place for us as Americans, or not? I warn you, choose wisely… because every last one of our lives are going to be effected by our choices. Will America remain and of the free, or are we going to self-destruct as a free nation into a socialist to communist country? Again, choose wisely. Your daily choices, actions, and spoken words are what ultimately make the biggest difference. Now, go forth and BE the change you wish to see in the world!

I know this blog was pretty deep, so thank you for hanging in here and being willing to go deep with me! I hope you will think about the things spoken of here on the blog, and maybe even re-read it so that you can think, speak, and take action in a way that is right for YOU.

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