What’s Inside?

As a kid I remember being excited wondering, what’s inside this? as I shook the elegantly wrapped box.  Watching kids eyes grow round with wonder and their facial expression of pure joy and curiosity plastered on their smiling faces is fun to watch, isn’t it?!

Today, I often times wonder what’s inside of a lot of things, not just gifts, but in our food, in products we use, and in vaccines.  The latter, being the bulk of the subject I’d like to take some time to chat about today.

Vaccines.  Some people are for them and some are against them.  Is their a one shoe fits all for acceptance of vaccines?  No.  Is their a vaccine that is going to work the same for every single person on the face of this earth?  No.  Is a vaccine going to save the human race from diseases and illnesses? No.  I’m sorry if I just burst your bubble, but it’s the truth.  Don’t believe me?  I’m here to educate people that want to know the truth about vaccines and what’s inside of them.

Babies.  Don’t you just love a cute little baby with those tiny hands and feet?  Their adorable little eyes that open up at you, and you stand there smiling and whispering loving words to him/her all the while swaying your body side to side to rock the baby.  The baby watches you closely, taking you in, and then their eyes droop as sleep takes hold of them and you sit down in the rocking chair wishing QUIET moments like these would never end.  Right?…  They really are the best.

Babies are God’s special gift to us.  A gift that is so great, such an honor, and an epic adventure that never ends no matter how old your “baby” grows to be.

So you may thinking what does this have to do with vaccines?  Honestly it hurts to even have to say this, but it’s the honest truth.  In the new and upcoming COVID-19 vaccine baby fetus tissues are a part of the vaccine.  Yes, you heard that right, human fetus is in the vaccine.  Yes, it’s true.  But don’t take my word for truth, do your own research.  Baby fetus tissue is a component in this vaccine and this is a BIG reason that you can LEGALLY deny having to take a vaccine for COVID-19.

The vaccine doesn’t stop with human fetus tissue though.  Did you know that powerful cancer causing carcinogens are also added to vaccines?  Or, that there are toxins in a vaccine that are put in such high dosages that they can literally end up killing a person or causing neurological, brain, heart, and organ damage, not to mention a list that is longer than you probably would want to read?  Am I kidding about what I’m sharing with you?  NO!  Am I lying to you?  NO!  Do you believe what I’m saying?  I hope so, but that’s up for you to decide.  Like I said, do your own research!

I don’t know about you but I can not, and will not, support the killing of innocent lives (abortions) in order to make a vaccine that 1) isn’t proven effective  2) has powerful toxins in it  3) kills innocent lives  4) depletes the Immune System  5) goes against the grain of everything I stand for.

In the months and years to come, a COVID-19 vaccine is going to become mandatory.  Some states have already/or are in the making of making laws for the vaccine to be mandatory in order for children to attend the public school.  Also, mandatory for government workers to go to their job.  It will become mandatory for people to go to a public place, attend an event, or even go to church. Wait, isn’t that taking away a person’s freedom of choice?  Isn’t a religious exemption a way out of receiving this vaccine?  Well, for the time being in most states a religious exemption CAN keep “the average person” from having to take the COVID-19 vaccine.  However, some states like California and New York won’t even allow religious exemption.

If you’ve read this far, congratulations!  This is a topic that raises most people’s blood pressure in either way of what you stand for and believe to be true about vaccines.

Vaccines are intended to be a “one shoe fits all” but we are individuals and we aren’t a one shoe fits all for foods we eat, products we buy, clothing we wear, choices we make, or the vaccines that we choose or choose not to take.

Some people reading this may think the COVID-19 vaccine is going to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.  Truth be told, again, the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t going to necessarily slow the spread of COVID-19.  It’s going to make the individuals that are choosing to take the vaccine very sick.  Why? Because virtually all the substances in this vaccine are foreign substances to ALL of our bodies.  And what happens when a foreign substance enters our bodies?  We get sick.  If we come across a virus in its NATURAL state we aren’t as likely TO get sick.  And, we end up building anti-bodies to the virus. But, when we take a vaccine and allow foreign substances into us we are depleting out Immune Systems, more likely to get a lot sicker, increasing our risk for cancer and other auto-immune diseases, especially with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Here again, we ALL have a choice to make.  Do you want to take a cancer causing, powerfully toxic, fetus embedded, drug induced vaccine with other foreign substances put into your body, that your body literally doesn’t know what to do with?  Or do you want to contract COVID-19 naturally?  Do you want to support (indirectly) the killing of a human life “just this once” for you to take a vaccine? Are you willing to stand up for what you believe in and holds true to yourself, or are you going to “just this once” succumb and do what the government and other world leaders think is the only light on the horizon for decreasing and eventually overcoming the coronavirus.?

You may be thinking “this is kind of harsh” with all these hard questions and shared facts/statements. Friend, I am passionate about health, vitality, speaking the truth, and sharing these truths with others.  In no way shape or form am I trying to be harsh.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  I’m trying to educate and create awareness around a subject that already is and WILL be affecting each and everyone of us in the near future.  Are you prepared to make a decision that will literally effect your life in negative ways?  I am, and I hope this at the very least will cause you to really think about the decision you will make in the future.  The time to think about this and do your own research about this is now!  Why?  Because it is possible that you’ll wait until it’s too late.

Life is precious and I don’t take the matter of health lightly, especially when the government is making a ONE SHOE FITS ALL vaccine for billions of BIO-INDIVIDUAL people in this world that it WON’T work for.  This is seriously wrong, immoral, disrespectful, ignorant, and despicable.

I know that despite all that is happening in the world right here and right now we have time to think for ourselves and form our own thoughts and opinions about things that are CRITICAL for our future.  We each need to truly research for ourselves and not take the government/government leaders for their word.  We need to dig deep in our research and not just take the mainstream news reports as factual.  We need to listen to our heart, not our brain.  And we need to make decisions about what we will allow into our body and mind, and, what we won’t.

I’ve done my own research and I continue to.  I form my OWN opinions.  They are not the opinions of my family and friends that make me choose to make the choices I do.  I’m my own person and so are you.  It’s time for each and every last one of us to step up to the plate and make sure your swing lines up for when that mandatory vaccine ball is thrown your way.  It’s going to happen, believe me.  It will.  I want you more than anything to make an INFORMED decision.  Whatever you choose to do is your choice and I respect that.  I just want you to make sure that you aren’t ignorantly doing something that you’re being told to by world leaders that you haven’t truly researched to find out if what they are saying is right or true.

As we part ways today, I want to reiterate that our future really is depending on the research, choices, and decisions we are making and will make individually in the not so distant future.  Are we each ready for what is to come?  Please, don’t allow yourself to ignorantly make a decision, but instead being mindful and aware.  

If ever there is a time to step up to the plate and become your own person, with your own thoughts and opinions, it’s now.  I’m asking each and every last one of us to do our own research no just about the COVID-19 vaccine, but about the big picture that is going on in the world.  Don’t let the incognito that hits the front pages of newspapers and social media be taken for what it is.  Dig deeper.  Find out the truth.  And friends, let the truth set you free to allow you to make the choice(s) that align with the person you are, your values, and your foundational pillars.  I am continually doing this and I hope and pray that you will too.

Until next time,

God Bless.

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