Do you ever look at pictures that leave you wondering if you’re playing a game of “Where’s Waldo?”

For example, when you look at the can of pineapple of the grocery shelf and turn the can over to read the label and find out it’s much more than just pineapple and water, leaving you thinking, “Well, that label ‘Just Pineapple’ on the front of the can was deceiving.”

Today I want to share some “incognito’s” that we may or may not already know about, hidden truths that truly effect each and every one of us, today, and in the not so distant future as well.  But before we jump in FULLY, I want to share a story that’s part of today’s blog, to help us ALL understand this blog’s title, “Injected”, better.

This past July, I and my family had to make a choice for my nearly 17 year old life long furry friend, my cat, Goofy.  The cancer had spread and then more recently the lumps pressured and broke through her skin, having started to ooze out the toxins within.  My best friend was in pain.  It was time to say, “see you later, sweet girl”.

Saying see you later was both easy and hard.  Easy, because I knew she would no longer be in pain.  Hard, because I knew the reason why she was passing from this earth sooner than should had been.  What do I mean by sooner than should had been?  Over a year ago, in the Spring of 2019, Goofy was given a Feline Leukemia vaccine.  It was administered to her left shoulder.  The vaccine was supposed to ward off  leukemia and keep her safe.  But guess what?  The vaccine caused her cancer.  Within 48 hours of receiving the vaccine I noticed she had a bump, and then a few days later two little bumps the size of peas starting to form under her skin at the vaccine incision.

By the Fall of 2019, 6 months later, a surgery was scheduled to remove the lumps that had steadily grown bigger.  After the surgery the Vet had called the drug company that sells this specific vaccine to tell them, telling about the results of seeing firsthand this vaccine had indeed caused cancer in Goofy via proof of a biopsy.  The drug company did not refute the Vet’s information and next sent out a letter to me saying I had a few options for “settlement”.  I was told from the drug company,  “The cancer would come back so I was allotted the dollar amount of $2,400.00 tops, $700 of this would be utilized for the surgery that Goofy had just received.”  And also, “The rest of the money would go towards future surgeries, an amputation of her front leg, or chemotherapy for Goofy since the cancer (as they again stated)’ would come back’.”  As I read these words on the letter in front of me I was HOT with passionate anger!  But the letter wasn’t done, yet.  The last sentence before asking for my signature of approval was, “In addition to our settlement to you, you can’t say a single word about what happened to your cat in regards to this vaccine.”  

Okay, if you, the Reader, were in my shoes, would you be reacting like I was?

“WHAT!?!  Are you crazy?  You expect me to act as if this isn’t happening?  Furthermore, tell me to keep my lips zipped about a REAL life happening that is KILLING my best furry friend?”  I was so angry I couldn’t even cry.  Instead, I found my Mom and made her read the letter, but said before allowing her to read, “This is CRAZY.  I don’t want their filthy money… not a cent.”  My Mom then read the letter and she too was hot.  Her response was, “They choose to mess with the WRONG family!”

Having been through Pancreatic Cancer myself, and healing from it naturally, this drug company really didn’t know they were dealing with an informed family, one that would not passively agree to take their $ and keep silent.

Goofy was a special cat, a REALLY special cat.  She came to our cabin, which is now our home, when I was 12 years old.  She was a growing kitten (+6 months) and was immediately brought into our house to have some food, some water, and a bath.  She then met our dog, Sam, a big white Samoyed, and our other cat who was all black with long fur, Bun-Bun.  Goofy adjusted to her new home.  And when I was told by my parents WE were keeping Goofy and not shipping her out to my dad’s aunt and uncles house, she and I formed a special bond, an unforgettable relationship that impacted most people who met her and us together on our adventures!

Goofy loved to be outside, so we never choose to have her declawed.  She was spayed, so she never was given the opportunity to have what we all knew would be BEAUTIFUL kittens.  And that was A-okay.  Goofy and I did everything together.  No lie.  She had her designated spot on my bed.  She slept with me every night.  We were outside many hours in a day, and she was right next to me while I worked on outdoor projects.  She loved being in the garden, by the lake, and yes, for a few years even being ON the lake kayaking, laying inside the boat on the boat lift, on the dock or shore-land fishing with Mom and I, and she even went out on a floating tube a number of times one summer!  I  don’t believe she ever passed up a good adventure with me.

Living next to a public boat access on the lake we live on, fisherman are always launching their boats, Spring into Fall.  Through the years the fisherman grew to know us and would see us fishing together on our lake-shore peninsula, walking through the yard, and going for our daily walks.  We became known to people all over the USA (not kidding) as “The girl and her cat”.  And then one year, when Goofy was about 11 years old, a mini-lop rabbit was adopted into our family.  (At this time we only had one other cat, Bun-Bun whom I mentioned earlier.  He was strictly an indoor cat.  He and Goofy got along just fine.  Goofy made friends with everyone.  So this rabbit, who has named Mr. Rabbie, was welcomed to his new home in a nice, heated, luxury rabbit house by my bedroom window on the ground floor outside of our house.

A new daily routine emerged.  In the mornings, Goofy and I would go outside and feed Mr. Rabbie, and Goofy and Mr. Rabbie would look at each other with curiosity.  After many weeks Mr. Rabbie was tame and friendly.  I could hold him.  I would let him out of his hutch to hop about to and fro while watching him, with Goofy also watching him.  Eventually, he was able to roam about out of his hutch during the day, hopping to and fro, using a ramp to get in and out of his hutch for food and water.  Soon, Goofy, Mr. Rabbie and I were taking morning walks TOGETHER, the three of us!  The fisherman lauching their boats routinely were doing double-takes looking to see if they really just saw what they thought they’d seen, and smiling and chuckling as they drove or walked by our three-strand cord.  A girl, her cat, and her rabbit.  Quite the trio we were!

When I wasn’t with Goofy and Mr. Rabbie after our morning walks, the two would go on an adventure together, sometimes to visit neighbors.  Out the kitchen window I would watch first Goofy, then Mr. Rabbie cross the road (after looking for vehicles mind you) and then when they hit the grass over yonder Goofy would run, frolicking and climbing a tree here and there, while Mr. Rabbie hopped to keep up with her.  He’d stop close to the tree she’d climbed, and waited for her, whether in our yard or someone else’s.  He often would lay down and stretch himself out long while waiting for Goofy to come down.  The neighbors, some of whom didn’t care for pets, soon came to enjoy the pair and often commented about them to me or a family member saying, “Kelly’s cat and rabbit came to visit!  They’re quite the pair!”  The two were good friends and went on many adventures together during those 2 short years.

As I said before Goofy was a really special cat.  We were always going on adventures together, and she was always finding things and showing me her finds.  Sometimes they were creatures, sometimes rodents.  Once she brought home a stray kitten!  It didn’t stay, although she brought it right to the front door and encouraged it to come in when we opened the door!  Her biggest find, though, were three kittens hiding within a rock wall next door at my brother’s, (which we kept all 3 of them)!  Goofy wouldn’t leave those three kittens until we’d rescued them ALL!  What a lover she was!

Goofy:  Beautiful, amazing, loving, adventuresome, and unique.  She was like no cat I’ve ever known.  I taught her to open doors.  That wasn’t the best idea, in hindsight, as we ended up having to switch styles on our doors from levers back to knobs in our home because of her leaving doors open that are not meant to stay open!  Sorry Mom and Dad!  She shared meals with me, and we went through life’s ups and downs together.  She was my constant, loyal, friend.  Saying “see you later” wasn’t easy for many reasons.  But her not being in pain overrode those other reasons in making it easier.  She deserves to run healthy and free with no more pain, on a plain unknown, unseen by us.

Which bring me back to vaccines.  Vaccines are a VERY controversial topic, a topic some want to avoid discussions on all together if they don’t have the same view point as another person who strongly is against them.  I’m asking, even begging you to keep reading, whatever your opinion is about vaccines.

Vaccines for pets AND people are loaded with a lot of toxins, toxins that are body’s, truthfully, can’t identify or begin to understand and use for our betterment.  Pet vaccines are extremely harmful and destructive.  “The Truth About Cancer” has a phenomenal series called “The Truth about Pet Vaccines”, that has a lot of information that ALL animal owners ought to know about.  Pets are given many vaccines and the MAJORITY of those vaccines don’t even need to be administered, but you will be told differently from your vet.  Why?  Because vets are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Meaning, the drug companies that provide vets with vaccines are told they have to administer so many vaccines (a random # of) in order to “get products from them”.  You know what’s really interesting, in a seriously bad way?  Pets are given the same dosage of a vaccine no matter how big or small they are.  How dysfunctional is that?!?   

Our furry friends aren’t just our pets, they are family.  RIGHT?  They deserve the best quality life, quality of food, safe and loving home and care givers, and clean water.  We want the best for them, don’t we?  I know I do for my furry friends.  I do my best to provide them with those things, and more.  Yes, I’ve messed up and made mistakes, big ones over the years.  I’ve changed my thinking a lot, and continue to make changes for the better for my fur-babies.

My two young kittens, Chloe and Little Bear, eat only organic food.  Same with my brother’s 2 cats.  They eat grass-fed meats, a high quality kitten kibble that doesn’t have fillers and toxins in it that is harmful to their belly’s microbiome and their cellular make-up/bodies.  Did you know that most conventional dog and cat foods have a “meal” in them that is made up of left over animal scraps.  Some being scraps of what your animal is, a cat or dog?  No, I’m not kidding you.  Gross, disturbing, and sickening, I know.  That’s why what our furry friends are eating is so important.  Nobody in their right mind would feed their animal scraps from their furry friend ancestors, right?

And vaccines are the same way.  Why should we shoot our animals up with multiple vaccines each year when they TRULY don’t NEED them?  Why don’t we in either of these cases, common animal food and vaccines, hear about the TRUTH about what’s in these products?  Are we being lied to, or not being totally informed?  Again, our vets are stuck between a rock and a hard place with being the middle-men.  But we, the people, the pet owners, CAN and WILL make choices that we want.  What are we going to choose for our beloved pets?

I admit and won’t lie, I beat myself up for a long time about Goofy being given the vaccine that caused her to have cancer, and ultimately to have her life shortened, leaving too soon.  I had to forgive myself for my error, and for being not as informed and knowledgeable as I should had been.  I still cry about it at times, because I know in hindsight I had ample opportunity to look into finding out the truth about vaccines, but I didn’t take the time to do so.  And then, I did, but it was already too late.  She was already +6 months sick and having had her first and only surgery.  But it’s not too late for Chloe and Little Bear, my brother’s cats, Felix and Oscar.  They are being raised differently, given only what is real food and needed veterinarian care.  Vaccines aren’t ALL bad.  But a lot of them are.  Too many are full of powerfully toxic substances not fit for animals, or people.  Being aware of what we choose to allow to be injected into our fur-babies and ourselves is an important and pivotal choice.  A choice that holds a lot of knowledgeable, decisive decision making.  I know I’m a lot more knowledgeable in this area now and am thankful that I am awake on this topic.  It’s sad that I had to learn the hard way, with my best furry friend Goofy, but it happened and I choose to grow through this experience as hard as it’s been.

Goofy did live longer than the drug company and Vet thought she would, thanks to many allopathic medicinal helps that I administered to her daily.  She was a fighter, not leaving here without giving it her all.  As she breathed her last breath, she lay under her favorite catnip bush in a place where her and I spent a lot of time together, our vegetable garden.  We grew produce together.  She LOVED both watching and chasing butterflies in the garden.  She helped (was present) pull weeds and would assist finding asparagus (try to eat it).  Picking produce was left to me, but she would stay close in tow as I plucked and picked, with her “eh”ing (instead of meowing) her approval.  Lots of amazing memories that I will forever cherish.

We never know the number of days that we have together.  We never know what the future holds.  But we can make choices to better help us and our loved ones to be healthy and well today and in the days to come.  What are you going to choose for your fur babies?  What are you going to choose for yourself?  And your loved ones?  Please consider checking out “The Truth About Pet Vaccines” and find out more about what’s incognito in them, the vaccines we have been giving our pets.  You might be surprised at what you learn!

In the next blog I’ll share more truths about being injected, truths we aren’t told about… that we ought to know about.

Until next time!

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