The Weakest Link

Do you ever wonder why some people end up getting sick with _______ (fill in the blank) and others don’t. Yet again, why some individuals get severely sick and others rarely get sick. What if our weakest link influenced why we get sick and to what degree? And, what if our weakest link influenced what we end up getting sick with?

The weakest link. In life, if you are a part of any team sport, any event, etc., you probably know who you want to be on “your team” and who you’d rather not for that particular sport/event. Well, when it comes to our body, our body is made up of one big unit, but works as a team to allow everything to work together to the utmost ability. That means, when one part of the body isn’t working properly, other parts of the body try to make up for the organ/cells/part that isn’t pulling its full weight. And that means, it’s putting more stress on other areas of your body, not just the one that isn’t working properly.

The body, as I say, is “intricately complex!” The human body is absolutely fascinating to me. I’m always learning something new about it. I find it truly amazing how if we provide our body what it needs, it will work/function smoothly, healthily, at top quality. But what does that really mean? To many, they may want to know what that means, but then have no interest in following through with actions. I’ve found that people LOVE the idea of great health! But when it comes to action, it isn’t there. I feel for these people. I truly do. Why? Because our health didn’t deteriorate over night, and it won’t reverse over night. Take me, for instance. It took me a total of 7 hard working years of investing in my health to turn my health from illness to wellness. Now that being said, YES, I was an extreme case, battling Pancreatic Cancer. But if I wasn’t going to invest in my own health, no one would have been able to do it for me and I would not be here alive, today.

How on earth does a 23 year old woman end up with Pancreatic Cancer? Someone that looked the picture of health, for the most part? Well, I wasn’t actually healthy on the inside. In my life I had a lot stress from a young age. I never fully knew how to deal with stress and how to express myself or what I was feeling. Therefore, I held everything “inside”. I was eating the typical SAD (Standard American Diet), although I was eating many fruits and vegetables. Then again, they were all GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) which aren’t a quality form of “food”. Why? Because they are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides that aren’t fit for human consumption, and are grown from seeds that have been “genetically enhanced” by superficial intelligence. Don’t believe me? Do your own research and find out what GMO foods were NEVER tested for for human consumption… but yet here we are, with people all over the world eating these GMO foods. And if you do do your own research on this subject, you’ll also see that Cancer, Auto-Immune Disorders, Autism, ADHD, Diabetes, and a whole list of illnesses all increased and then sky rocketed after a generation, and then 2 generations, and now 3 generations since introducing GMO foods into our food system.

With that being said, a long story short: I was a young adult whose insides weren’t healthy, and my Immune System was diminishing. When push came to shove, as I became more toxic inside my body in my teens, illness started to attack my weakest link. Our weakest link is what gets attacked first when our cellular system is overtaken by unhealthy cells, illness forming in us. Our “weakest link” has an inability to thrive when attacked, more-so than other parts of our body that the illness attacks. It’s easier prey.

Think about it. Really, think about it. Let’s utilize the example of wearing a mask. If anyone has to wear a mask for any length of time we are breathing in our same bacteria for any length of time it is in use. Eventually, because we aren’t being exposed to other bacteria, which ARE needed for a healthy Immune System, we are going to weaken our cellular health. We NEED both good AND bad bacteria to maintain and normalize a healthy Immune System. Our Immune System is an “ecosystem” that FUNCTIONS off of both good and bad bacteria! When different bacteria’s are introduced into our ecosystem or Immune System, we are creating a healthier microbiome in the sense that we are allowing our body to fight off foreign invaders and build up more immunity to that specific bacteria. Wearing a mask isn’t allowing our Immune Systems to work properly! Actually, it’s being depleted and prohibiting GOOD HEALTH. But not just that, we are literally KILLING brain cells as well, because we aren’t allowing enough oxygen into our brain with a mask limiting oxygen intake. Again, I re-state, do your own research on this. Get informed.

So, back to the weakest link. What if we know what our weakest link is? For example, if it’s our Immune System, what should we do? Drink clean and pure water without fluoride in it. Eat Organic fruits and veggies along with hormone free, pesticide free Grass Fed meats. Get 7-9 hours of sleep a night (depending on your age). Take in extra amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Quercetin, and good quality probiotic (the more billions of bacteria in a probiotic the better). Eat and drink fermented foods: Sauerkraut, artichoke hearts, pickles, olives, kefir, and kombucha, just to name a few. Move your body aerobically for 20-30 mins per day. Practice deep breathing, doing some yoga is a great way to learn to breathe deeply. And there are so many other things a person can do, but these are just a few easy changes to introduce into a person’s life weekly.

Giving our body what it needs is VITALLY important. Our body DOES have the ability to heal itself, but now-a-days it needs added help because, let’s face it, we live in a toxic world. We encounter over 300 forms of environmental toxins every day. We have ample opportunity everyday to reduce that number of exposures, to help out our detoxification system. And ANY amount of help will go a long way for this system to function better.

Friends, our body is pretty amazing! I want you to know that if you don’t already know it! I’m going to share a few things about the human body that are pretty neat:

-Every month we completely regenerate our outer layer of skin.

-Every 3 months we completely rebuild and replace our blood supply. (Hence why you can only give blood once every three months)

-Every 10 years adults completely rebuild and remodel every bone in our body. This means we have a NEW skeleton every 10 years

-Children rebuild their skeleton every year

-Teens accrue 50% of their adult bone mass between 12-18 years of age

-Our livers, if given a program to do so, can detoxify and rebuild itself in 30 days

These don’t JUST happen, though. Everyday, by what we do, say, put into our bodies, all aid in a healthier version of ourselves, or not. I can’t stress this fact enough. EVERYDAY, what we put into our bodies determines our health right now, tomorrow, three years from now, thirty years from now, etc. We are determining our future health today by what we do and don’t do. Balance is key in our health, and addressing our weakest link(s) is going to impact us. What we choose to do today to address our weakest links can help us make life saving healthy choices so we don’t have to battle as much sickness and illness in the future. Only WE can make this choice though, not one else can make it for us. And that my friend, is one of the biggest keys. WE have to want to change bad enough for making the first step in health changes. If we don’t, nothing will change.

What kind of health do you want tomorrow, 5 years from now, or when you’re near retirement age? Are you willing to invest in the small things everyday to allow yourself better health in your elder years? It’s easy to take the road usually traveled, saying, “I’m too busy. I don’t have time. I feel fine now.” To those that are saying this, I hear you, fully. But please hear me, it’s about our priorities. I learned the hard way and nearly lost my life because of my ignorant decisions. That is partially why I share this story, so others don’t have to learn the hard way. Also, I shared this to create awareness around health that isn’t talked about from a western medical standpoint.

We CAN create our own health by what we do, think, speak, take in, eat, drink, etc. It ALL makes an impact. What impact do you want to make in your health today and for the future? I’m going to leave off with a quote from Thomas Fuller that sums it up perfectly,

“Health is not valued until sickness comes.”

Choose wisely friends. Choose wisely.

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