She woke up from a deep sleep to the morning light shining through her bedroom window. It was a new day, a day she had much planned for.

After stretching her arms over her head, she leaned over and grabbed her iPhone from her nightstand. She scrolled first through her social media accounts, then checked her text messages, listened to a voicemail, and then checked her personal calendar of what she had planned for the day. All this was kept on her phone so she knew she would have access to it.

The woman showered and dressed for the day. She posted a picture on her social media accounts of “what was happening today”, thus far in her life. The day had only just begun and she was thrilled for another day to be here; do things, accomplish goals, and do virtually whatever she pleased to do in her extra time in this day. Photos were taken all throughout the day. Another social media post went up on the web. She had every event scheduled on her phone. She never, not even once, thought about how her iPhone was “being censored”.

This blog’s intention is to create awareness around how we are being followed, listened to… basically, how we are being censored. And do note, we ALL are having this done unto us, unbeknownst or known to us.

Most people that I know have a phone. Whether it’s an android or iPhone, it’s a cell phone nevertheless, and each of these phones is being censored. Big Brother has continuous access to listen into our conversations, whether spoken or even our text messages. Did you know that using certain words, whether spoken or written, can cause red flags to be raised so that the Big Brother will then listen to and investigate what action may need to be taken? Action, meaning; if they truly thought something bad were to happen, or investigating enough to disregard it if doesn’t seem “serious”.

But wait, that’s not all. Not only are we being listened to, but Big Brother LOVES to censor social media accounts too. Surprised? You shouldn’t be if you have been on social media for any real length of time. In the last 1/2 or so of this year censoring has literally blown up, being more prevalent than it was prior to this time. I, for one, can say that I’m continuously censored on social media for the “out of the box” things I post, informative news or topics, that Big Brother doesn’t want people to know. It’s interesting to me, because if Big Brother doesn’t want people to know something- they label it as “false information”, or the fact checkers go in themselves to my account and delete the content that was posted. Again, censoring at its finest… or shall I say, censoring overstepping their boundaries to prevent people to be able to THINK and form a decision for themselves about shared content!

Again, it doesn’t stop their though. Here on the blog we are being censored. And yes, even in the weekly emails that I send through my business account on MailChimp get censored. The censoring literally NEVER stops. Am I going to stop writing and sharing information just because Big Brother doesn’t like what I share or write? NO!

Many people are leaving Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts because they don’t like the censoring that’s going on. I respect everyone’s decision to do what they want. But I think one thing that we ALL have to remember is this; these other accounts are also censored in different ways that may not label content as “false information”, but Big Brother DOES have access to your information shared on these other various accounts. Our phones and computers were made to be able for Big Brother’s accessing, to have the ability to censor us. Scary? YES! But friend, please don’t get yourself too worked up about this. My main reason for bringing up all of this is that we need to be aware about what is happening around us, how we are using our phones/computers, what information we share, and what personal information we share, etc.

Each and everyday we are censored. No exceptions. Unless, of course, you don’t own a phone or a computer. But still, even then if you pay bills, Big Brother DOES have access to know your whereabouts. Anyways… censoring has overstepped our boundaries in the world and I want you to be aware of this. Be mindful of personal information you share. Be aware of the things you post on social media is always going to be accessible to Big Brother. Think about what you really want people to know about you as an individual on the web, as well.

I am and will continue to be censored for the information I share with people. That won’t stop me from sharing. I don’t buy into the censoring Big Brother has been up to with all us. And I truly hope that you don’t either. You have a brain to use and to think with. I surely hope that you are using it to create your own thoughts and opinions, rather than buying into something labeled as “false information” that SOMEONE decided was to be labeled that way because they didn’t think it was true or vital content.

Are you wondering about the woman that I talked about at the beginning of this blog? No, nobody came after her for the content she shared on her wall. The character she plays in this blog is that she was NOT aware that she was being censored. She had no idea the censoring was happening or what was going on around her. And that, my friends, is what I want for YOU to be aware of as well, if you’re not. Listen to things going on around you. Watch out for others. Don’t share things that you wouldn’t want a stranger to know about. Keep an eye on children to ensure their safety. And please, be mindful of the continual censoring that is going on. The censoring isn’t going to stop by Big Brother. But, WE THE PEOPLE can make mindful decisions and be aware of this and not let them control us and our lives. The choice is ours to make each and every day.

I, myself, am choosing to take a stand for what I believe in. I will continue to share information with others no matter what Big Brother labels it. And, I will continue to share content that helps bring awareness to subjects and matters that I hope and pray people will take the time to think about and decided for themselves if it matters to them. Just like our brand, “Your Life, Your Choice”, we each get to choose what we want to speak, think, and act on. I choose truth and light amidst Big Brother’s darkness that they continuously try to diminish my light with. What will you choose?

I’ve been censored both professionally and personally in all of my accounts, and of course because I also own both a phone and computers. I’m aware of this and know it won’t stop. But what I choose to do or not do because of being censored has created a mindful awareness of the choices I make throughout my day. And that’s the purpose of this blog, to create awareness for ALL people. I truly hope this blog hasn’t scared you, but instead helped you become more aware of just how much we are being watched/listened in on/censored by Big Brother. We ought to know the truth, but Big Brother isn’t telling us this. Big surprise… Yes, that was sarcastic 😉

May you choose to be aware of the things going on around you. The things you choose to keep stored in your phone. The things you say out loud. The choices you make. And the things you share.

I hope you have a mindful, intentional, and have more awareness today and in the many days to come! I hope you’ve been blessed by today’s blog!

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