~ Be Kind ~

We’ve all heard and probably even used the saying, “Be kind.” It’s a statement that is used but may not be taken to heart. Today, I want to talk about this statement.

In today’s day an age there is a LOT of disagreeing going on. Now, more than ever before in history, actually. What I’ve found very interesting is this statement, “be kind” is being thrown out the window. We all should know that despite the fact that we may disagree with another persons viewpoint(s), we are still called to be kind to others.

Since I don’t wish to use others as examples, that is why I so often use myself as an example. Within my life time, many have disagreed with choices I’ve made in my life. I’ll pick the topic that has been one of the biggest topics of disagreement, my choice in ridding my body of Pancreatic Cancer. Furthermore, overcoming Pancreatic Cancer naturally. I’ve received a LOT of heat (disagreement) from people with opposing viewpoints, condemning my personal choice to overcome naturally via Complementary Alternative Health Practices. It’s amazing how many people; relatives, friends, and acquaintances, have condemned me for MY choice(s). Pause for a second… You might be misinterpreting WHY I’m sharing this. It’s to make a point, a statement, not to bring up the past of someone wronging me 😉

There is a difference between respectfully agreeing to disagreeing and using words to condemn and put down others for what they believe. Today, since there are so many people with opposing viewpoints and differences among various topics, people are seeming to forget, or maybe don’t even care about being kind to others, no matter what they believe.

For myself I personally know what I believe on many “hot” item topics in today’s world. I’m guessing you do too. I, for one, am not going and putting others down for what they believe, nor am I sending people personal messages both condemning and condoning them for their view point(s). These last are great examples of NOT being kind. My question to these individuals is, “Why can’t we have a civilized conversation where we can agree to disagree without bashing or putting the other person down for what they think. Aren’t we adults here?”

Being kind isn’t hard. But it seems for many people today it is. I see and hear it all too often that people aren’t being kind to others and am guessing you do too. It makes me sad. Speaking for myself, everyday I agree to disagree with people. And guess what? We still respect one another and still can have civilized and great conversations! It’s really neat. And guess what else? That’s the way it is supposed to be!

People really need to STOP bashing other people whether it is to their face, behind their back, or through messaging systems on FB or elsewhere. People need to STOP holding grudges and treat people how they want to be treated. People need to STOP acting like children and start acting and speaking like adults and having civilized conversations again. It’s not hard, and it is not brain science to do this. ALL people deserve to be treated kindly, no matter what. Yes, it may be trying at times but that’s how we ALL grow character. Take the easy way out and I guarantee you, you don’t grow character- nor do you learn much of anything. Oh, and you still aren’t happy because deep down you’re mad and angry if everyone doesn’t agree with you.

Be kind. Despite what is going on in the world and the different viewpoints you and I have, let alone you and whomever you know, I am personally asking you to BE KIND! Everyday when I talk with people I hear how disheartened people are about the disagreeing that is going on in the world, the nation, and with friends/family/etc. They are tired of people fighting and belittling others for an opposing viewpoint to what they believe. I won’t lie, I can’t blame them- and I happen to agree. I’m tired of people being this way too. I’ve unfriended people on social media that have ripped into me for my viewpoints, belittling me trying to make me change my mind for my belief. No one likes being bullied. This is so disrespectful that I want nothing to do with it. Again, I’m guessing this has happened to you too. In unfriending people, I’m making a statement saying, “you’re not welcome to disrespect me for the person that I am. Also, that just because my opinion is different than yours doesn’t mean you are more intelligent, a better human being, etc. than I am.” There is NO need, EVER to disrespect a person for their opinion.

In the past months, I’ve cancelled social media accounts as well. I’m tired of the censoring and have joined alternative forums that don’t have censoring. I use some social media accounts that are censored, but those are primarily used for business reasons. People still do periodically try to bash me for my opinions, and that is what it is. It’s interesting that they do this though. Why? Because obviously whatever I posted has struck a nerve with them…

Through all of this disrespecting from others, I’ve chosen to BE KIND. I respectfully tell people that I am entitled to my opinion just as they are. And, if they want to ever have a civilized conversation where we both get to talk and share I would willing to have that conversation. To date, that has yet to happen 😉

Being kind isn’t hard. Being kind is choosing to be respectful. Being kind is choosing to treat others how you want to be treated. Today I’m personally asking you are you being kind to others that have opposing viewpoints? Are you wiling to be king to EVERYONE, despite our differences? I am. It’s not always easy, but it is the right thing to do, trust me on this.

It’s okay to unfriend and unfollow people on social media to get rid of some of the “drama” in your life. It’s okay to choose your words wisely when talking with someone that disagrees with you. And it’s okay to have your OWN opinion and not have to change it or adjust it because someone tells you otherwise.

I’d like to leave of today with reminding you that you and I are not any better than each other. No one is. No matter your job position, your income, your health, your mindset, your age, your color, etc., we are ALL created the same (human) and ALL deserve respect and to be kind unto. No one, and I mean no one, deserves to be put down for what they believe. So, to those that want to pick fights, have the last word, and put down others, you will continued to be treated with respect by me. I’m not going to bow down to your level of shaming, nor playing your game. I choose respect and kindness and hope and pray that one day, you will choose to do the same, no matter your view point.

Wrapping it up. I hope that what I shared today will inspire you to be kinder, love deeper, and choose your words wisely. I hope and pray that you don’t put down others for what they believe. Also, that you live your life knowing what you believe and not allowing others to change your mind because of the way they treat you (bullying). I know this blog was a real challenge for some to read, so thank you for reading it. Furthermore, I hope that you will share this blog with others so that they might stop what they are doing and start being kind to others.

Have a beautiful day, and God Bless!

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