Short, sweet, and…

I don’t want this particular blog post to be too long because I know peoples minds are running back and forth with a long list of “to-do’s” before the holidays are upon us, so I’m going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point.

It’s nearly Christmas and almost a New Year. Has the year really gone by this fast already? As I sit and reflect upon the year and what it encompassed, my mind is a whirlwind. Is yours?

For many, this season is one to be joyful about. For others, there’s joy but there is also heartache. To each and every person, their experience of this time of year is different. Today, I’d like to take a few moments to help us ALL to remember to be kind to everyone, always. Bob Goff wrote a fantastic book a while back called “Everybody Always”, a good read if you’re looking for a great book to curl up in front of the fireplace with!

Being kind looks different to everyone. For some it looks like saying, “Hello, how are you?” and then taking time to listen as a person shares about how they’ve been. Sometimes, it looks like bringing a freshly cooked meal to a friend, family, or stranger. Sometimes it looks like literally giving someone the shirt off your back. And other times, it looks like shutting your mouth before you open it and let something hurtful spew out. Being kind doesn’t sound that hard to do, but sometimes it is.

Please note, just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you should be kind. I hope and pray that in reading this blog post that we all understand that being kind is and should be apart of our everyday lives.

Being kind this year is certainly looking different than many of the past years in a lot of peoples lives. Families are segregated, the world is well…not in a good place, people verbally abusing others and putting others down because their personal opinions and viewpoints aren’t the same, and as a whole a lot of people are being hurt either directly or indirectly because of both things people say and do. This being said, I’m asking each of us personally to step up to the plate and instead of holding a grudge against someone or opening your mouth to make a snide comment to a family member you see this holiday season, hold your tongue.

At this point in history, ten to one we aren’t going to change another persons mind/opinion about _________, (fill in the blank), so don’t bother to waste energy trying to. Instead, let’s ALL be kind to others and accept our differences, and move on. Enjoy the time spent together this holiday season. And to those that will not be spending time with folks because of whatever reasons, enjoy your time relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing your heart, soul, and mind. Sometimes we just need a break from people and the hustle and bustle of life itself. This holiday season I can say, after our crazy busy week here, we are going to kick back and relax this upcoming weekend, doing whatever feels right for the heart and soul. Maybe it will be going for daily walks. Maybe it will be reading a book with a hot cup of tea. Or yet, it may be sharing a meal with family and playing games followed by watching a movie before heading off to bed at a decent time. Honestly, I have no idea, but it will be just what we need, I have no doubt.

To you the reader, I hope and pray this holiday season finds you feeling peace in your heart and soul. If not right now, eventually in the coming minutes, hours, and days. I also hope and pray that each and every last one of us would be more intentional about being kind, filled with more unconditional love, and even grace. As you prepare for whatever your holidays look like this year, may it be filled with peace, love, and joy. May you give with a grateful heart and be kind always.

If you are still trying to do some last minute shopping we encourage you to stop by “Helping Hands”, located at 706 2nd Street SE, Ortonville MN. Or, call us at 320-839-6190 to purchase a massage gift certificate for those special “someones” that light up your life for the better.

Be kind, and give graciously this year. It’s been a rough couple years on many people, so to give a little extra this year may touch someone’s life in a way that is life changing.

Office hours this week are:

Dec. 22nd, Tuesday 11am – 7pm

Dec. 23rd, Thursday 11am – 7pm

Dec. 24th, Friday 11am – 5pm

Thank you for patronizing our business, and shopping LOCAL, we greatly appreciate it! Merry Christmas to all, and a happy and healthy New Year as well!

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2 thoughts on “Short, sweet, and…

  1. Very well said ‼️😊. Merry Christmas to you and your family‼️😃


    1. kellyshelpinghands December 19, 2021 — 5:20 pm

      Thank you and same to you and yours!!! 😃💝🙂


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