Peace & Quiet


I guess if I start this off with “Uffta” it must be evidence of being a Minnesotan, eh? Ya, sure, you betcha! Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at how certain slang statements are tied to places.

We just finished/are finishing a long, snowy, Minnesota winter here. The winter season is always a time to restore, replenish, relax, and dare I say BREATHE deep. That’s one thing I love about wintertime, the downtime. It seems winter is the one time of year my family isn’t constantly busy with work and with life’s constant demands. Now don’t get me wrong, during the winter we are busy too, but it’s a MUCH quieter season, and not as demandingly busy for us.

As much as many people want to escape to someplace warm, I can say that I no longer desire to do that. Maybe it’s because I like being home. Maybe it’s because I have three pets that I enjoy being home with every night, seeing them and spending quality time with my littles. Yet again, maybe it’s because I just no longer feel a need to explore places a long distance away. I dare say, I ENJOY Minnesota winters because it’s a time to sit back, relax, “catch up”, and just BE.

The peace and quiet of Minnesota winters is honestly what I love the BEST! I love a blizzard, when I’m stuck home for a while. A blizzard or a snow storm are when there’s a day off of work to be home, do my laundry, spend time with my family and my pets, to do some chores and play some games… or even listen to/read a book. It’s enjoyable to have an unscheduled day off of work to enjoy the sounds of the wind howling and watching the snow fly through the air to it’s ultimate unknown destination(s). Oh, and that makes me want to drink some warm pressed homemade apple cider from our trees! Nothing better on a cold wintry day!

So now I ask you, what do you love the most about Minnesota winters? If you care to share I’d LOVE to hear what you love most!

Despite winter coming to a halt and now spring being upon us, and we are starting to run in all directions with the warm weather projects starting for us, I’m thankful we had a nice, quiet, peaceful and relaxing winter. I think winter is also a time where finding joy in the little things is pretty special. Maybe it’s because I have more time to think about it what makes “special”? Anyway, this leads me to sharing my top three fondest winter memories from this year:

1) Getting our puppy, Aggie (Agate). Seeing her grow, learn, and mature was enjoyable and rewarding. I must say watching her excitedly play in the snow was an absolute hoot! What a riot! To see an 8lb red Goldendoodle run through snow that was up way higher than her head, and still she insists to run through it, was nothing short of hilarious. She likes the fresh snow the best!

2) Lots of jigsaw puzzles. Our local hardware store carries the brand “White Mountain” puzzles. My Mom and I gladly shop local and purchase numerous puzzles from them, and then share the smaller ones with my Grandma as well. We enjoy puzzles when we just want to relax and not “think”, or when we just need a break from tasks/chores.

3) Not making up snow days at work. Okay, that may sound really weird to some… but here’s the truth. In the last 8.5 years of being self employed, I’ve always made up every snow day, and then during the winter ended up working even more days because we can get so busy during this time of year. So, I intentionally tried something different this past winter, so as not to get as tired and worn down during the winter season. I even had a few unscheduled days off this winter! That was GOOD too! On the snow days, my clients happily rescheduled, and all was well. A day off here and there refreshes you, and me, and keeps us bright eyed and bushy tailed 😉 LOL

I hope you enjoyed the three reasons I enjoyed winter this 2022 year, and I’m still curious as to what yours are!?! Please do share!

As spring turns to summer, I hope you find some time to restore, replenish, relax, and make memories with loved ones. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Take time to enjoy the little things. Life goes by way to quick, so we all need to enjoy each and every day. Make the most of every day… and enjoy the peace and quiet too!

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