It’s June and half the year is already done. It’s interesting how time goes by so quickly. I remember when I was a little girl and never wanting summers to end. I didn’t like school so if summer could have gone on forever I wouldn’t have minded one bit! Hahaha. Now a days it seems all the seasons go by so quickly, even winter. I know some may not agree on that, but I think each year flies by, no matter what they entail.

In many previous blogs I’ve said this and I say it again, life is precious. Life goes by so quickly and before we know it we are older, hopefully wiser, and wondering where time went. Some people have kids and grandkids. Some people travel the world. Some people spend time doings activities and events. Some people work and work more. No matter what a person does in and with their life, it’s important that we realize how precious our life (and others) truly is. All to often we get caught up in the here and now and don’t look at the big picture of how blessed we truly are. Everyday peoples lives are changing. Some of the changing certainly isn’t easy, some is a lot of work. Some changes are life altering. And yet some changes are joyful while others are saddening or frustrating. My point in saying all of this is life entails a LOT of things and we all ought to appreciate life more than we already do.

I have a question for you. What are the things you enjoy most in life? Are they your family, traveling, quiet time, being in nature, or making people laugh? It doesn’t matter what your answer is to me, just that you think and find things in your life that you truly DO enjoy. In doing this, I’d hope that you tell the people you enjoy that. Or, that you would take more time to do things you enjoy if you aren’t carving out time to do those things already.

Life goes by so quickly. Thinking about the things and people we love/appreciate/enjoy are all important so that we do and take the time to do things and spend time with those we love.

In life there are seasons. I’m not just talking about the four seasons, I’m talking about hard seasons, joyful seasons, etc. Dare I say, there are reasons for seasons? In life we face trials and tribulations. Some seasons are filled with lots of laughter and joy. Others with tears and pain. Yet some seasons are a rollercoaster of ups and downs with one never knowing what to expect. I believe if we realize how precious life is during each season that happens in our life we have a better look at the big picture, that life is beautiful despite it may not feel like it right now. Maybe our perspective on the ‘here and now’ is important to think about. What do you think?

Given that it’s June it’s the season of summer, being hopefully full of warmth, sunshine, friends, water, laughter, and joy. Summer is a season of uplifting and refreshing for a lot of people. To visit with family and friends, go to the cabin, do outdoor activities, garden – flowers or vegetables, spend ample time outdoors, and relax. What have you got planned for the summer? Anything special?

Life is precious and making time to do, be with, and appreciate the gift of life is important. All too often it happens that it takes something drastic that is life changing for us to realize just how precious the gift of life really is. I surely hope that isn’t what it takes for you the reader to realize. Instead, that you would ponder and reflect on your life right here and now, seeing just how amazing the gift of life is. You are here for a reason. And, your life means a LOT.

2022 is halfway over. My oh my, doesn’t time fly? Life changes in the blink of an eye, appreciate the here and now. Live your life to the fullest…whatever that may look like and be for you. Say “I love you” more. Laugh with an open heart. Share a smile. Give that hug. And, realize just how precious the gift of life really is.

May you enjoy this beautiful day and have a wonderful summer season!

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