Have You Been Keeping “A Close Eye” On Our Chapter Reveals?

If you’ve not heard yet, we have a book coming out soon! The book is Kelly’s seven-year all-natural health journey, from age 18-25. Actually, the eBook version of “Your Life Your Choice Let the Healing Begin A JOURNEY OF DIS-EASE TO EASE Healing Holistically of Pancreatic Cancer” is already available to purchase online!

Thank you so much for any interest in purchasing our book! If you would please share this blogpost on your social media sites to help us get the word out, we would really appreciate it! We will also be available for book speaking engagements in the near future, so if you know of a social, all-natural health, or church group who’d be interested in having us come and speak, please contact us on this website and leave us a message! Thank you!

We would love to get you interested in the book. So, here’s a looksee at one of two last chapter reveals before the soft cover book release date on September 8, 2022.


A Close Eye


Another month went by and none of my symptoms were improving.  In fact, they’d gotten worse in intensity, so I decided to quit taking most of the supplements I’d started weeks prior.  I’d try some, again, after some time passed.

During the course of this time of my illness, I was still working full time.  I was self-employed as a massage therapist with now a full clientele.  I worked four days per week, filling nearly 40-hours with office work, creating advertising info, and therapy sessions.  Massage therapy sessions could be half an hour up to two hours in length.  Since I was having diarrhea 5-15 times per day, the two-hour massages were tricky.  Thankfully, I ALWAYS made it through the session, thanks be to Papa God.

Mom was the receptionist at my business during this time, also.  She was, and STILL is, a HUGE help to me.  She’d warmed up meals in the countertop toaster-oven for us, made sure I was eating food and drinking enough water, kept laundry going, helped with various business aspects, checked clients in and out, and all those numerous receptionist duties like answering the phone, answering questions, and scheduling clients.

I didn’t feel I had the full needed amount of energy to do my job, but I didn’t dwell on that.  I focused on taking one client at a time.  Most days I didn’t know if I would make it through the morning, let alone the end of the work day.  I was pretty much exhausted before I started working each day, so focusing on each client was key.  Knowing that I was helping someone else get relief from their pain, honestly, kept me going.  The work wasn’t about the money.  I loved my job of helping people become free of bodily pain.

To this day, I continue to love the work I do.  Helping people in physical pain that come to my office is really rewarding.  I get to administer healing with my clients as they work through their pain, aiding in their pain-relief plans.  Seeing the frowns when arriving, turn to smiles when leaving, is so rewarding and awesome to witness.  People smile more freely, without hesitation, when they feel good.

At the end of my work days, I’d drive 20 minutes home.  I’d be utterly exhausted after work while I was ill.  Once home, pets being cared for and me being showered, I’d curl up in bed in the fetal position, laying on my left side often unable to sleep.  Mom would always say to me, while hugging me goodnight, “I love you, Kelly.  Hang in here.  You’re doing awesome!”

I continued to struggle in daily life as another month slowly passed before my third appointment with the functional medical doctor.  

Finally, the FMD called for our phone consult, digging in right away asking me, “How are you feeling Kelly?  Have your symptoms gotten any worse or better?  Give me an update.”

I told him, “I quit taking a couple of the supplements because they’re not working.  The supplements make all of my symptoms worse.  I’ve stopped and started taking them a couple times, but each time I felt worse when taking them.”  I felt like I was reliving the last consult that I’d had with him, telling him the same things.

“Which supplements are doing that?”  He probed.  I told him which ones, and he went on. “I want you to start taking those supplements again, but in smaller dosages.  Try taking a quarter of the full dose for a few days.  Also, introduce one supplement at a time to make sure they’re each doing their job.”

I was very skeptical.  However, I agreed.  He wanted to schedule another phone consult in a month, after the holidays were over.  I agreed, hesitantly, and he scheduled the appointment. Then the phone consultation ended.

Mid December 2014.  The holiday seasons were always busy at work.  Mom was busy scheduling clients, selling gift certificates, and doing her normal receptionist duties, and warming up a meal or preparing a snack for me too.  Even though often times I didn’t want to eat, she would smile and hand me a small portion to eat.  I would smile back, thanking her.  Mom kept a CLOSE eye on me while I worked throughout the busy days.  Truth be told, she was there not only to help me in my business, but because I really did need someone keeping an eye on me.  She had my back!

Clients would come in and then go after their sessions.  With each client, I was that much closer to the end of my work day.  I know it might sound crazy, but despite my being sick, I loved my job.  I loved hearing my clients talk about their families, children, grandchildren, childhood memories, personal history and news in their lives.  My clients didn’t know I was sick, or if they did, they weren’t saying anything… nor was I.  I didn’t want them to know I was sick and struggling health-wise while I worked, but I’ll get into that later.

My diet was, and is, all organic, using whole foods as medicine.  A typical day for me included eating and drinking a variety of foods: bone broth, chicken veggie soup, steamed dark leafy greens–either kale, collards, spinach, chard, or mustard greens, steamed vegetables–carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, snow peas, brussel sprouts or green beans, boiled chicken or turkey, avocado, and maybe some dried fruit–raisins, blueberries, cranberries, and mulberries.  All these foods were providing me with vital nutrients I needed, but again I was absorbing very little of those.  But what little I was absorbing was helping me function.  

All day, every day, I was in pain.  I was ready to go home to be with my Papa God, IF it was my time.  Thanks to the food, Mom, my pets, and my family’s continued love and support, the bone broth, and the few supplements I was taking, and by the pure grace of God, I was alive.

I was still very depressed at this time.  I was frustrated that I wasn’t feeling better as fast as I thought I should be.  And, I was struggling to make it through each day, no matter what the day consisted of.  At this point I was pretty low in spirit, and was not enjoyable to be around.  This digestive illness was hard on me, and hard on my family members.  The pain I was enduring almost felt as if it was taking the life out of me.  I had yet to come to peace in FULLNESS with accepting that this was happening for a reason.  Yes.  I knew it was happening for a reason, but I didn’t believe it in fullness.  I was still putting MY expectations of what I wanted for results in my own time frame, not my Papa God’s.  I had a LOT to learn.

God was using this illness to grow and change me for the better, IF I was willing to listen, abide, and learn from it.  Your life, your choice.  What choices would I make?  I had a lot to learn, and it was going to get worse before it was going to get better, if that even seems possible.

-End of chapter reveal-

We hope you enjoyed this chapter reveal from “Your Life Your Choice Let the Healing Begin A JOURNEY OF DIS-EASE TO EASE Healing Holistically of Pancreatic Cancer”. You can preorder the soft cover book BEFORE its release on Sept. 8, 2022. We encourage anyone interested in reading our book to preorder the soft cover or order the eBook at these sites:

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Thank you for any interest in the book and reading our blogs! God bless you!

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